What To Expect From IOS 10


Apple is one of the most popular brands in the world as far mobile devices are concerned. Apple phones run on the IOS platform that is again considered as one of the best in the market.

Recently Apple launched the IOS 9 to upgrade the mobile Operating System that run the iPhone 8 and iPads.

But speculation and anticipations never cease and in the same manner the IOS 10 rumors have already started floating across. If you are excited about the latest IOS 10, then here are the features that it may contain.


As per the rumors, iOS 10 should be very compact and equally efficient. The major focus of the Operating System will be based upon performance and the power. The speed of the IOS 10 will be incredibly high and it should be coupled with quality.

Content Blocking
Apple is planning to enhance the existing content Blocking features in a specific way. The Blocking will be more target based rather than generic. If resources are to be believed then the features will be designed as per the need of the customers. It will be customized and very particular.

Multi Tasking
Multi Tasking is the need of the hour and Apple has already made significant progress on the same. However, rumors have suggested that more add on features will be implemented to enhance the user friendly customization.

As discussed earlier the performance is going to be the most focused part of the Operating System. The rumors have suggested that the light OS will be very much friendly for higher RAM and stronger processor. Apple has struggled in recent years go provide higher battery backup and IOS 10 might end the problem once for all. It has been reported that Apple is working for very high backup. Another feature where IOS has lagged is the camera compatibility. If all goes well then IOS 10 will be a great boost for those who look for higher camera performance in Apple devices.

Apple Pay
Apple made revolutionary change go OS through Apple Pay. However, the update in that is ever changing. If all goes well then Apple is going to make some more specific changes to the Wallet App. Rumors suggested that many additional features will be added to keep the app updated and improved.

These are one of the most important parts of any Operating System’s features. Apple is quite aware of the fact and IOS 10 will be not different from other IOS updates. Apps like Health App and others will receive significant boost keeping the customer’s requirements in view. Apple is working towards the user friendly and customized features in applications and IOS 10 should be the platform for delivering those.

IOS 10 should be very interesting and anticipated as far as the rumors are concerned. Apple has yet to make any formal or informal announcement for the Operating System. However, the reports indicate that the US based company has already started working towards the same and an announcement is possible anytime.

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