Productive Ways of Understanding The Working of Github

Working of Github

To understand the term Github, we can divide the word into two parts Git and Hub. Git means an open source version control system. It was initiated by Linus Torvalds. Linus is also the founder of Linux. An open source version control system is a tool that is used by software team to manage changes on the source code of a program. It is helpful to keep a track of all the modifications made to the programming code in a special database.

The advantages of having an open control version system are that it allows software engineers to download a new version of the software, make changes to the existing software and upload the latest revised software code. Hub stands for Github is a software tool where web-developers can store their projects and even revise them as often as needed.

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So now you must be wondering how Github exactly operates. You can now get full Web Development training in Gurgaon. And understand the practical use of each of the following Github technological terms:


The web developers store their projects in this location. All the projects stored here are abbreviated as repo. Every file has its own unique repo.


This technical term is used by web developers to refer to the feature of Github where one can create a new project based of another project which already exists.

Pull request

This feature is used when for repo is carried out by the web developers. When a project has been forked repo, a pull request is sent to the author of the project. The author of the project checks the changes made to the programme and approves whether the changes were necessary or not.

Social networking

The Github is a very useful feature for web developers. It allows them to create their profiles which are equivalent to be their resumes to land them in good jobs.

Change log

One project is worked on by many web developers in Github. This makes it very difficult to identify who made what changes in the program. Github overcomes this difficulty. It has a special database which keeps a record of all changes made to the software in real time log.

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