Technological Advancements Create New Air Curtain Applications

Air Curtain Applications

Over the past few years, a huge number of technological advancements have greatly improved the overall efficiency of air curtains. Air curtains are now embraced by arrange of sectors apart from warehouses and factories. Air curtains that were once only custom-manufactured for explosion and fire sparks in industrial locations are now used for by various other retailers, hotels, restaurants and many other franchises.

Air curtains are typically mounted at the top of a door way and they continuously discharge a steady flow of air to separate the indoor and outdoor environments. The air stream keeps the unwanted cold or hot air from infiltrating an open doorway during summers or winters. They also keep the insects and other organisms out from the environment. Now let’s talk about some of the technological advancements in air curtains:

Increasing heated air curtain air stream efficiency

In the past, air curtains used electric heated coils which disturbed the overall air flow and volume thus cutting efficiency by up to 40%. One technological advancement that has replaced this thing is the Venturi style heater. It is a hemispherical electric element array which is mounted inside the air curtain’s blower’s inlets. This means that the heat is now drawn naturally into the blower via venture effect and the airstream achieve nearly 100% of its potential. 

Air curtains for hazardous locations

In places like warehouses, factories, petroleum refineries there are high chances of getting hazardous dust, gas and fumes. For years, custom built HL (Hazardous Locations) air curtains were available for these kinds of environments. But they were custom manufactured. Now the air manufactures offer these HL air curtains as a standardized product which definitely lowers the cost significantly and improves the overall availability. These curtains are also included in industrial work curtains and are used by big industries and factories to control the overall sparks and explosions. 

Extending air curtain length

Earlierair curtains for doorways wider than 12ft had to be custom made or from units bolted together to make it large. With new manufacturing advancements length also has been made standardized. It is now possible to get a standard catalogue item up to 16ft. This also makes the curtain easier, cheaper and easy to install. 

New food service applications

Walk in cooler air curtains has now been used to surpass the energy saving potential, such as swinging hinged doors and strip curtains. Besides walk in cooler air curtains,these Industrial work curtains are now heavily used for variety of purposes in many restaurant chains. They help to minimize both insects and air infiltration inside and outside the rooms. They also help to protect the indoor drive-thru station employee from vehicle fume inhalation.

So, these were some of the technological advancements which have created more and more applications for air curtains. Now air curtains play a very important role in almost every field. Air curtains improves the overall working environment for the employees as well as for the people frequently coming there.

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