How to Repurpose Content for Mobile Devices

Content for Mobile Devices

If you’re like most website owners, you probably have a lot of old content that is pushed down into the archives of your site. However, old content can be a valuable resource. There are many ways to repurpose older content and make it fresh and new again. Repurposing it for mobile devices is one smart way to make sure old content stays relevant.

Most adults in the United States own a cellphone —about 95 percent, with 77 percent owning smartphones. With numbers like that, you can see why it is so important to figure out ways to reach new readers through mobile devices.

Short and Sweet
When it comes to delivering content on mobile devices, you want to make things short and sweet. Most people reading an article or viewing a video on their smartphones want something they can digest quickly and easily. So, if you created a webinar, you might break it into short video segments you can deliver to mobile devices or use as a series to entice new subscribers to your mailing list.

Create an Infographic
Another idea is to take statistics and facts from popular blog posts and turn them into infographics. You are delivering the same information, but in a condensed visual medium. Just make sure the infographics are also viewable on mobile devices. This might require creating different versions of the infographics to make sure you have content that looks as good on a PC as it does on an iPhone.

Make sure that any content you repurpose for mobile devices has text that converts well to a smaller screen. The best way to test this is to use your own smartphone and perhaps a tablet. However, there are also websites that will show you how your website looks on different types of browsers and screen sizes. Browserling and BrowserStack are two of the available online testing tools you can use.

Shorten Pieces
Take a look at some of your longer content. Can you pull out just the key highlights and create a scannable copy mobile readers can pull up and read in minutes? While it won’t have the same depth as your longer pieces, the key points can be included. You can let readers know at the end of the shorter piece that a longer version is available. You can also use the longer content as a free guide to entice the reader to sign up for your newsletter.

Take a look at old posts that have performed particularly well. Is there an element you mentioned that you could discuss a bit more in-depth? If so, then pull out this content and create short pieces to push out as mobile-friendly segments of a larger topic. Again, point the reader back to the longer piece, so you are always enticing them to come back to your site and read more on the topic. Your goal with these spinoff pieces is simply to grab their interest.

Repurposing old content is smart business that gives you a bigger return on your investment. You’ll take something old and turn it into something new and fresh. This can help you build brand awareness faster than if you didn’t focus on your mobile audience.

Nathan Sykes is the founder of Finding an Outlet from Pittsburgh, PA. He enjoys good food, good beer and solid Wi-Fi connection.

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