Killer Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic

You spent a lot of time writing all of the articles on your blog. Why aren’t people reading them? This is likely because you haven’t decided to get serious about bringing in traffic. It requires more than just a handful of articles and some pictures to boost your blog in the search ratings and bring in those readers. Here are five handy ways to do this, thanks to this Sarasota SEO company.

Think Carefully About Your Content

Obviously, your current methods of adding whatever content strikes your fancy aren’t working so well. It’s time to be a bit more strategic. You’ll need to plan out your content, including some keywords, and create evergreen content. What is evergreen content? It consists of articles that stand the test of time. They aren’t dependent on a certain time period or event. Look for things that are classic, yet fit your content.  Your headlines matter as well. You can draw in quite a few readers with some well-written ones. On top of that, once you have the content in place, you need to promote it. This will provide some much-needed attention.

Use Keywords, But In A Natural Way

We mentioned keywords before, but this point needs to be reiterated again. Many people are afraid of these keywords. It’s very easy to use them wrong. Those keywords need to fit your content naturally. You can’t throw them into an unrelated article and hope for the best. The search engines will punish you for this. Instead, make sure that the keywords sound natural in your copy. Use them to your advantage, but don’t stuff your article full of them. Using them once or twice per article will be enough.

Long Tail Keywords

Speaking of keywords, you need to use some long tail keywords as well. These are strings of keywords that are more like phrases. Examples include “the best diet plans” or “trees that bloom in spring.” These longer keywords can bring in viewers who use audio searchers (such as the ones done by Siri and Cortana), among other things. Not many people are taking advantage of these keyword strings, allowing you to get in on the ground floor. They’re going to be very popular this year, so jump in with both feet while you can. You’d be surprised at how much traffic these keywords can bring in.

Promote Your Posts

Another thing that you can do, besides reaching out to your local Sarasota SEO company for help, is to promote your posts. This involves posting them on social media platforms to increase awareness. If you can get some high profile sites to link to your posts, that will help with your promotion efforts as well. Don’t be afraid to place links to your site on all of your social media accounts. There are some tools that can help, including WordPress plugins that automatically update your Twitter and Facebook accounts when a post is published. The more people that hear about your site, the better.

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