How Design Trends Are Restraining You To Stand Out In The Crowd

Web Design Trends 2017

There are numerous posts on the Internet that encourage one to follow the trend and deliver an outstanding result.

But, have you ever wondered that how following a set of trends can help you stand out?

If you really want to be a trendsetter, you need to think extraordinarily and go beyond the trends.

No doubt, pondering into brilliant graphic designs often helps get inspired to create incredible designs.

Web Design Trends 2017

There are two possibilities, it will either encourage you to design something similar to that or inspire you to design something even better than that. For some, watching out design trends has unearthed a hidden passion for design, while, for others, it leads nowhere.

Getting inspired from design trends is completely different from following them. Blindly following the design trends can hold back your creative thoughts and thus, restrain you from becoming a design trendsetter.

Follow vs. Lead
A remarkable design will exist throughout time. However, it will be overhauled with a few requisite amendments from time to time. There are several factors like user behavior, market demands, latest technology, etc., that impact the flow of design and its implementation.

A significant design must adapt the technology in demand. If no designer had thought out of the box (instead of following the existing trends), we would not have observed the same advancement and an upsurge in design that we have.

We are glad to have some highly talented designers who thought of producing something better instead of simply following the trends (that have been set once), and thus, lead the industry. However, leading is not everyone’s cup of tea; it is also essential to follow the valuable design trends to deliver ultimate designs.

I have unleashed some credible reasons that prove how design trends restrict one from becoming a trendsetter. Let’s have a look at them.

1. It’s boring to Follow Trends!!
Following the trends can somehow block your creativity. It can force one to follow the trends blindly without using his true innovative thoughts. While it might be considered vital for a career, it is not at all creative and not that fun. In fact, the designer Tim Delger has also stated in his 2013 Design Guide to Hipster Logo that creating the Hipster Logos is a formula and not an artistic integrity. No wonder, following a formula again and again won’t be fun, but boring.

Designing becomes fun when there is freedom to try new things while embracing creativity and artistic exploration.

2. The Inspiring Things About Design Are Often Not Trendy.
If you will ask yourself that what has attracted you towards this field, you are likely to give answers somewhat like the inspiring shapes and enticing typefaces, the zeal to create beautiful things, etc.

Do you think that any of the objectives that you had in your mind while beginning your career in the graphic designing can be accomplished by following the trends, which have been set by some other designers.

Most probably, your answer will be “NO”. Thus, it is advisable to don’t let your thoughts, and innovative skills stuck in the trends. Look for the reasons that have encouraged you to step into the designing sector, and think extraordinarily by pushing the limits.

3. A Good Design Needs To Be Evolved
If everyone follow the trends, there will be no trendsetter in the field. If there won’t be trendsetters, how will the design get better with time? It will become stagnant.

The thought of stagnant design trends is woeful. The evolution of design is essential from time to time to witness refreshing and enticing designs. If design trends do not change consistently, it won’t be worth at all. Moreover, the design patterns will appear lifeless if they will not be revamped with time.

Thankfully, we have several extraordinary designers who have amazingly overhauled the design and successfully set trends for the generation. I just hope that experts like them will keep evolving the design and make it better to help proficiently cater the ever fluctuating market expectations.

4. Does design has to be competitive?
Today, almost every field possesses a competitive environment; the graphic designing is not any different. If everyone in the designing field will follow the trends, all the results will be similar. This will certainly heighten the competition among the designers, and it will become hard for them to attract clients and projects. However, this can be avoided by allowing your clients to analyze your real designing skills and style.

There is no dearth of clients that demand originality instead of a particular pattern, so simply stick to your innovative skills, and try to captivate clients who can value your talent. Your unique approach to design and color will help you rivet clients without competing with the other professionals in the field.

5. There Must Be A Right Reason For Designing
Designing is an art for that must be respected in that way only. One must have a solid interest in the field and promote creativity and inspiration by embedding them in his design, rather than following the trends just for the sake of making easy money.

Final Thoughts
It is true that one needs to refine his talent and be competitive with his revolutionary and innovative ideas to lead the design industry with impressive design patterns. Following the designs of others can be inspiring for some. However, it can’t be gainsaid that blindly following the design trends can restrain you from becoming an incredible design trendsetter.

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