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It is always important to improve the quality of readership on your site and grow the audience. If you’ve been into blogging for a while, then I need not introduce you to the guest blogging, again. Guest blogging is one of the best techniques to get quality traffic, improve readership, establish a brand for your blog and moreover, you are provided with quality backlinks which can boost your site’s ranking in search engines. Guest blogging can be the best ever strategy that can be followed to well establish your niche blog.

Guest Blogging became a regular activity for every blogging in the present blogging world. If you are new in guest blogging, then don’t start targeting high authority blogs like ProBlogger, etc. Start with small blogs and when you the gain some experience then slowly move on to high authority blogs.

Most of the Bloggers do Guest Blogging only for Backlinks. But it is wrong, Guest blogging is not only for backlinks but also to build good authority and brand. So always target some good authority blogs which can increase your blog authority and boost-up your blog/business.

But, it’s not so easy to get your article published on a well established blog. The blog manager receives guest posts from a larger number of bloggers and not just you. If you can produce a killer and a great post for the guest blog, he will certainly approve your article and publishes it. Though, it sounds simple enough; it actually isn’t. But I will give you some effective tips which can help you in writing a powerful guest post. So you can write relevant guest posts and enjoy Panda-friendly benefits.

Research Before You Write
Don’t just pick any blog at random, do a quick research and choose among the best blogs of your niche that accept guest posts. A lot of people fail at this and so do they hardly get any benefits of Guest Blogging. So, know well about the blog before you start and make sure, you’ve read some good number of posts on that blog. This will help you understand the presentation style, the blog has gotten used to and the topics which work well. This will make the blog manager read your entire article and not, ignoring it.

It is always suggested to write guest posts for blogs of your niche ONLY. There is no meaning in writing a technology article for a health blog. And moreover, you can’t enjoy getting links from such posts. So, always target niche blogs to submit your guest posts.

A well written article also has a few minutes of proofreading behind. Once you complete writing the article, start proofreading. Correct all the silly spelling and grammar mistakes in the article. While writing, you might have put two non-adjoining sentences together, correct them and let the content flow without any breaks in between.

You can also use some tools to make this easier for you. Ginger software can be the best online proofreader for a writer.

Great Headline
Headlines play a vital role in attracting readers to the article. It is what that makes the audience stick to the post. The best practical headlines can be seen in your email’s spam folder. Most of them make you curious and you instantly click them by seeing. That’s how a headline should be; not the spam but an attractive headline.

When you write a really great headline for your article and send the sample pitch to the blog manager, you’ll definitely get back a quick response. Use numbers or interesting adjectives to make an attractive headline.

Author Byline
In a guest post, the author byline is everything. It is what the sends readers to your blog/business. With a well written author bio, you can grow your list, get clients/customers and readers for your blog. Write short and simple lines about yourself and your business. Make it attractive and redirect the readers to your website.

That’s all from my side.  If you have any Tips to Write a Great Guest Post then please share them with us in the comment section.Also read our guest post on best call recorder app for iphone here.

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