5 Affordable Steps To Enhance Your Home/Office Wi-Fi Network

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Time wears everything out. It reduces the quality of all things and creates the need for constant replacement and renovation. Given enough time, your home or office Wi-Fi network will start to slow down, for a good many reasons. You also may have been unfortunate enough to make the wrong choice in picking a slow router. Whatever the case, there are ways out of it, and they don’t need to cost much either.

The following are 5 steps to take that will enhance your Wi-Fi network without costing you a penny:

Step 1: Location

The first step is really rather simple. Pick up your modem, find a place in the house that will serve as the best epicenter for network range, then set it up right there. Picking the wrong place can and often does contribute to poor performance. If the router’s range is being tested, then so will its performance, naturally. Knowing exactly what your router’s range is will help you decide where the best spot is. You might not be able to place it right in the middle of where it could be but anywhere in that radius will do.

Step 2: Network Feeds

The next step involves looking up network channels to see whether there are any interruptions. This can get a bit technical but nothing anyone can’t do with a few minutes to spare. Picking the right channel means that no space is shared that might cause traffic. There are a few tools that can help with that, but if you have gone on to purchase one of the more updated routers, there are some with features in their design to help focus channeling, such as these top dual band wireless routers from Check Corner.

Step 3: Cutting the Excess

The internet offers a lot of entertainment that is hard to avoid. This includes streaming music, downloading videos in bulk, or addictive game play. All of these take a toll on the internet speed. More importantly, they often do so in ways that users aren’t aware of, and they usually tend to be unnecessary. Tracking down any such streams could mean identifying a single problem responsible for slowing down network speeds. It could also mean identifying a number of problems that add up to the larger problem. Cutting out or reducing the amount of influence these have can work to greatly enhance your connectivity. It could also help you identify other problems, such as paying for services that you don’t need, helping you save money in more ways than one.

Step 4: Secure Your Connection

Just as you had to limit yourself, so too should you limit who else uses your connection, a measure that is likely to lead to surprising results. Anyone from the casual user or in the office could be affecting your connectivity. Neighbors who are also not usually supposed to partake often cause problems. This can be done with just a few alterations in your Wi-Fi settings, such as hiding your connection, or you could manually choose the devices that can connect to your network.

Step 5: Hacks

There are ways to make your router work more efficiently that don’t involve going out to buy fancy pieces of technology. All it takes is a resourceful mind and a little renovation. Whether at home or in the work place, moving the furniture around can make all the difference, as these can often get in the way of a strong signal. Foil is known to help strengthen a signal. Wrapping one of these around your router, in a way that deflects signals from going where they don’t need to go, certainly contributed to a more focused signal.

Bonus Tips

Giving your router a regular reboot, or scheduling it to automatically do so, will always refresh the machine’s memory to get the job done. A little home work done on how your particular router works always proves to be helpful. Also make sure to check that your computer is not contributing to the slow speeds. The latter could be caused by limiting settings or potential hardware faults.

Improving your home or office network doesn’t need to cost much. In fact, as is evidenced by the above steps, it doesn’t need to cost anything at all. All 5 steps are easy to follow, so no technical assistance is required, and they are almost guaranteed to work.

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