5 Web Development Trends That Will Affect Each One of Us

Web Development Trends

In the past few years, we have seen web development rise like never before. The surge in online marketplace has increased the need for effective web development. From innovative to weird, simple to complex, good to worst, we have seen all. The 2017 predictions show a rise in the web development industry and so we thought of compiling a list of web development and design trends that will flourish in the coming year.

Technology—Advanced Is In
Each year brings about some new technology, while some flourish, others perish. If experts are to be believed, 2017 is the year when we will finally see some much-anticipated technological innovations becoming a reality. These include virtual reality (VR), bots, conversational user interface, etc. The web developers are already working on designs and prototypes that will help seamlessly integrate these technologies in web development.

There are many products (gears already launched or to be launched soon) from established companies like Google. Microsoft, HTC, etc. which make use of the technologies mentioned above. The products, if integrated well with web development, will be immensely popular and can create a virtual revolution.

Design—The Simpler the Better
In terms of the design, the predictors believe that simple innovations will rule 2017. The design would include geometrical elements, simple layouts, and animations. There would also be a shift in using presentation techniques which implies experimenting with font style and size and also giving up the conventional ideas where a heading would appear only on the top and content only below. There will be a style shift with emphasizing and deemphasizing relevant elements.

With design as focus, there are individuals who offer professional designing solutions that can help you choose the right layout, color combination, effects, etc. These elements are aesthetically used to create a focus on the elements that you want to stand out.

Content—Makes More Sense
Content has always mattered for search engines ranking. But, with competition and a literal information overdose, the need for content that makes sense is at its peak. It is no more about only about catchy titles that will only draw customers to your site but also about establishing credibility as an information provider. The content needs to be informative, crisp, clear, and useful for your audience and that is the only key to drive audiences to your site. Fancy language would remain in trend as long as it conveys meaning simply without the jazz taking over the meaning.

The content principles like 3Cs (clarity, conciseness, and cohesiveness) of writing are what will be used often to make content appropriate. Professionals would experiment with the tone and also use innovative expressions to create content that is interesting.

ApplicationsEase of Development Matters
You probably know all about rise in the use of smartphones and the need for application. You also know that mainstream web-based companies are moving toward creating applications which their customers can use. In the past few years, companies focused on user experience more than anything. But, now the companies are also concerned about the development and maintenance aspect. While customers will remain the focus, efforts involved in developing and maintaining an app will also gain attention. Therefore, there would be increase in demand for platforms that offer effortless solutions.

The idea behind easing the development comes from the native app building concept. Companies want to have an all-purpose solution that can create apps for all devices and operating systems. Many such solutions are already available but these still need modifications.

Artificial IntelligenceCreates Enhanced Experience
Whether you have an online service provider or an online product seller, forms will remain an integral part of your business. Your customers will be required to fill in forms and provide information for you to fulfill their requests. This is just one of the examples where artificial intelligence can help. Giants like Google, Bing, etc. already make use of intuitive intelligence to show probable choice. This trend would rise in web development industry because the ease of consumer’s matters and no consumer likes to fill in the same information time and again.

The acceptance of artificial intelligence was a point of concern initially but the way it has been used so far, has produced efficient results. The success that it has had so far only points out to the coming of a series where artificial intelligence will become mainstream solution.

The web development trends that are listed above will certainly create a need for more side solutions that would be required to make these trends popular. As a consumer, these trends will affect how you interact with web solutions and as a provider; these trends will affect how you approach your customers. No matter how you are affected, the trends will surely not leave any Internet user untouched.

Joseph Macwan is an avid blogger who writes about versatile trending topics. He has been writing for almost 7 years and his work on Java application development is appreciated by industry experts. Besides writing, he is a passionate reader and a self-proclaimed business advisory.

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