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Are you a blogger, business professional, or journalist? Chances are you have an untold story you have been wrestling with that remains untold to the world. You probably share your life experiences and lessons on your professional platform to inspire your audience. This is all wonderful, however, what happens to those without much writing experience?

Perhaps you have not received the formal education required or lack time to perfect your craft. You may just need a push in the right direction to improve your writing skills. No matter where you find yourself today, there is a solution taking the world by storm: Reddit.

For those who do not know, Reddit is an online social center for news and entertainment. Its users, called Redditors, publish material as a single link or writing the piece. This work is then viewed by thousands of other Redditors who can judge the quality of the material as an upvote or downvote.

This online platform is used to connect people with amazing ideas. Keep abreast of new digital trends that are sweeping the nation. They help their audience discover new locations that have never been discovered. In a nutshell, Reddit is a fun and informational website. With millions of users logging on to this popular domain, writers can easily take advantage of the hype by positioning themselves the right way. Join the fun and games to find out what your readers like and dislike. Only do so with discretion.

The point of sharing material on such a social media site is to gain upvotes which increase exposure to a wider crowd of readers. In this way, if your audience loves your content they will vote your material forward. Reddit is a powerful resource to get your work noticed and gain traffic to your website. Here are a group 12 Subreddits that will improve your writing:

1. /r/DecidingToBeBetter
This subreddit is an incredible hub to join thousands of quality content creators. The idea behind the construction of this community gathering is to spread self-improvement in order to exterminate the influence of evil.

2. /r/SelfImprovement
No matter what your specific niche is, you will find something to enjoy about this subreddit. This is another community of personalities that value promoting positivity to their reading audiences.

3. /r/GetDisciplined
Here is a subreddit that is actually influenced by the following example. GetDisciplined is specifically for those individuals that have a tough time getting organized and on task. If you are looking for motivation in this area, this is the perfect community for you.

4. /r/Frugal
Many of us enjoy saving money while others wrestle with bad spending habits. The Frugal subreddit family shares valuable tips, methods, and encouragement to make your money work for you.

5. /r/Literature
Are you a poetry lover? Do you enjoy sharing your opinion about the last novel you read? This Literature subreddit gathers all poets, play-lovers, and novel readers under the main Reddit “/r/Books.”

6. /r/Philosophy
If you enjoy comparing philosophies and creating your own, subscribe to this subreddit. “/r/Philosophy” is a hub for sharing philosophical issues, history, and details on your favorite philosophers.

7. /r/FoodForThought
To piggyback off the Philosophy community’s subreddit, this inspiring group shares intriguing insights about life and the world around us. This category is filled with articles and good reads that stimulate critical-thinking. If you are up for a challenge, check out this group and subscribe.

8. /r/ExplainLikeImFive
Here is a quirky community that delivers just what it states in the name. If there is a question you have that needs to be solved, share it with this group. The group then answers the question in the most simple way — even a five-year-old will agree. You will certainly understand through the difficult terminologies adults use.

9. /r/Anxiety
In a world that is constantly throwing things at you, it is important to find a community of like-minded individuals that will offer you the support you need to continue. This subreddit is for those who suffer anxiety on any level. In this online fellowship, you will be able to cope any of life’s burdens.

10. /r/Depression
Depression is a mental problem that plagues many individuals from time to time. The difference between the survivor and the victim is the right support group to offer you help. This subreddit delivers a great community just like the Anxiety group.

11. /r/Quotes
Quotes are so much fun. They offer inspiration for you as you write your creative content throughout the day. Give yourself a boost by subscribing to this subreddit family as they share some of the most wisdom-packed insights for your day.

12. /r/Art
Words are a form of art. Whether you are a blogger or journalist, art is a very important component with the way in which each individual structures their content for reading audiences. Subscribe to this subreddit to join thousands of other art enthusiasts and artists. This community loves to share their favorite art, art events, or other information that is vital to the creative crowd. Enjoy the art of other Redditors and post pieces of your own.

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Hopefully, the subreddits shared in this article help improve your writing substantially. Now that you received this information there is only one thing left to do: Reddit! Jump in with many others and experience the popular thrill many are having on their blogs. You will enjoy exposure, engagement, and a world of new family members you never knew you even had.

How to Use the Website
Quite honestly, when you first begin maneuvering around the website, it all seems very overwhelming. Do not be alarmed by the overhaul of information. This website becomes a lot simpler once you play around with different options, view your favorite topics in corresponding categories, and connect with other writers that enjoy the same things you do.

Just like anything, practice makes perfect. Practice sharing your material with the world. See what you love about this site and find different techniques that work for you. Your reading audience is out there, the only thing stopping you from connecting with them is your ability to overcome the initial difficulty in understanding the website functionality.

So whether you are a new writer with a blog or a seasoned journalist of a popular website, you can certainly benefit from using Reddit. Allow your story to touch millions of users that visit the site every day. Inspire them with your thoughts, experiences, lessons, or even hobbies. The world will listen up! There is certainly something that you can share. Try out some of these subreddits for yourself. You might be surprised at how much more visitors visit your site and become loyal readers.

Sophia Clark is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day. Connect with her on Twitter and Google +.

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