Why WordPress Is The Perfect CMS For Your Business


Is WordPress development the ideal alternative for your business? It is vital to indicate that the answer to this question depends on certain factors namely: What your business requirement is, how much funds you spend on your website development and the timeline you will need to develop your website. Apart from these factors, there is much misunderstanding prevailing for WordPress web development in the market.

Most people feel that WordPress sites can be hacked easily and demand a huge amount of maintenance. However, according to countless sources, WordPress is believed to power nearly 30% of the websites on the internet (no web platform can get such a huge market share without offering excellent service) presently. As at three years ago, there were close to 75 million websites using WordPress on the internet. If you are looking for a content management system that is usable yet scalable for your new site, WordPress stands out (even though there are a host of options to choose from these days).

If the above figures aren’t impressive enough, then you should know that Time, Bon Iver, Google Ventures, Snoop Dogg, and Marc Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks use WordPress. Moving on to answer the question: Is WordPress development the ideal fit for your CMS business? Read on and find an answer to this question.

Why is WordPress Ideal for Your Business?
Using WordPress for your website is an excellent solution for many businesses because of the below reasons:

WordPress is an Open Free Source
This advantage is a no-brainer. It points out that WordPress is a steal for those who consider what they can get outside the box. Because it is an open source, WordPress is constantly iterated upon and upgraded to something better with each version. You do not have to worry about your business discontinuing it.

Easy to Use
WordPress is widely seen as one the most user-friendly CMS’s available, particularly among the ones that have open source. There are no overwhelming number of complex terms you need to learn or understand to start using WordPress. The learning curve with this platform is very gentle. Note that this does not mean that WordPress is very simple.

Scalability and Flexibility
It is vital to consider the features you need for your MVP, and what you want to include in the future. Let’s say you are just searching for an easy blog right now, but you would later prefer a high-traffic e-commerce platform. This is attainable with WordPress. You can mold your site into any shape you want.

Boosts the Largest Community
Of all CMS’s available, WordPress boots the largest group when it comes to supporters, web developers, and contributors. What is significant about this development is that if you are running into an issue, chances are another individual has had similar experience before you. So there is probably a support group with your exact issue in it.

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Abundant Themes
WordPress boosts multiple professional looking themes. These themes will alow you to have a unique and professionally designed site thus reducing the enormous amount of money spent on hiring WordPress theme developer. If you need more information on these themes, you can find the perfect collection of more than 2000 free themes on the WordPress theme directory.

Search Engine Friendly
Apart from its theme, WordPress includes a built-in SEO feature that caters for tons of SEO issues. The more unique the content you offer, the higher your visibility highlights in the eyes of various search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Responsive and Browser Compatible
Do you have compatibility issues? Are you trying to develop two websites for both desktop and mobile platforms? WordPress is an ideal solution for your requirements. WordPress has responsive themes which mean, they will retain their original layout and adjust according to screen size. Besides this, all WordPress themes can work on the latest browser configurations. They can render a perfect layout across multiple browsers including Mozilla, Firefox, and Chrome to name a few.

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Secure and Reliable
WordPress understands the importance of security and confidentiality along with how it plays a crucial role in businesses which is why the platform releases updated versions of security patches on every regular interval. This saves your site from suffering various security breaches. It protects it from common and complex vulnerabilities in line with the dynamic technology.

WordPress is Perfect For Non-developers
It is true that having a web developer available to make the appropriate changes quickly would be a lovely idea, but that is not always a realistic option for businesses. The bright side is that WordPress offers you an enormous amount of control, with no programming skills needed. Themes are what decide the appearance and feel of your site. There are numerous themes available for purchase on WordPress. Many of which offer maximum control over the appearance and functionality of your website.

WordPress Offers You Many Things Free of Charge
Features that would usually take weeks or even months to develop will come out of the box when you use WordPress. Some notable features that WordPress offers include sophisticated user login system, ability to add fresh plugins that other web developers have built (like social media feeds or SEO tools), and cool URLs in form of permalinks, etc.

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WordPress remains a highly effective and powerful platform when it comes to designing robust, scalable and secure sites. If you have taken note, about 50 to 55% of the consumers will wait for at least (and not more than 4 seconds) before abandoning their cart. Thus indicating why you need to seriously put speed into consideration as if you have a fantastic set of images but your site is slow like a snail, it will not work. So if you consider all the aspects addressed here, WordPress is one of the ultimate solutions to overcome problems like this.

So to answer the question: Is WordPress development the ideal alternative for your business? Is it cost-effective? What does it cost to create a WordPress website? The key reasons why WordPress will be invaluable to any business has been highlighted above. It is left for you to decide for yourself which option you will go for. As for the question about its cost and maintenance, WordPress is one of the most cost effective platforms, however, cost here solely depends on what features and functions you would want to incorporate during the building process.

Kenneth Evans is a Content Marketing Strategist for Top App Development Companies, a research platform for top app development companies in the world. He has been contributing to various blogging platforms and Forums.

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