What is The Right Way to Ask Users to Review Your Website?

website review

Review websites are those websites where reviews or feedback can be posted about people, products, businesses or services.

These review websites gives you firsthand information about any products, businesses or services. The question arises what makes user to review your website or write reviews about any products, businesses or services through your website.

The answer is simple, it all about your good services and popularity.

website review

3 Rules That Convince User To Review Your Website:
#1 Build a great user friendly website
#2 Don’t annoy your user in any way
#3 Ask nicely for review.

#1. Build a Great user Friendly Website

Your website plays a major role to keep user engaged and not letting them leave your website by clicking the dreaded close button. The user opinion about your website plays a major role. If user has a good experience while surfing your website then the user will surely leave a positive feedback.

The opinion of user about your website plays a major role in there review decision. With respect to this you need to build a user friendly website, so that when the user is on your website, they can have all what they need. For building a user friendly website you need to consider these few things:

  • Navigation is simple and easy to follow.
  • Search functionality in website
  • visitors always know where they are and where they need to go.
  • Content should be simple, concise, and jargon free.
  • Use photos and images that enhance your website.
  • Include contact information

#2. Don’t annoy your user in any way

A vast majority of of user get annoyed by the website pop up. A pop up which comes up on the screen after every few minutes interrupt the user experience. So plan the time when you want to pop up a window to the user for feedback.

For example, it’s always best to pop up your feedback window after the user had checkout and has made the payment. At this time user is free and know what to write in the feedback form.

Keep these 2 rules in consideration:

  • Don’t interrupt user experience by the pop up.
  • Don’t ask for an reviews or rating before the purchase is made. That’s just stupid.

#3. Ask nicely for review

This is quite an interesting approach to get review for your website. The possibility of user not giving review for your website is very high, if you ask so many questions and then want the user to rate or share review.

Try to be precise with just 1 question and then tell user to give you stars for the service. If the user is satisfied, users are happy to see when they are asked for ratings.

If these 3 rules are followed properly you can see the positive changes. You can also add few more things to consider like:

Accept feedback gracefully: Try to send a thank you message to the user after whatever feedback they gave you. If it’s good say something good and thank the user. If it’s bad then ask for the suggestion or area of improvement.

Filter the bad comments: Filter the bad reviews and notice how they are saying it, and what they are not saying. This will surely help you to work on your website flaws.

Give Your Website Time: Be patient to receive feedback from user. If you website id new, it may take time to generate reviews. So be patient and see feedback. Don’t get panic for any reviews or negative reviews.

Make a list of your competitor or top performing website: This will help you to get an idea about how you competitors are working. Keep an eye on their review process, what they are following, how they are promoting their website.

Make a list of top performing website like Amazon, Trip advisor, Right2Review, Which and much more. This will help you to plan your next phase.

If you follow these rules and are always focused on providing a high quality user experience, you will never see any user leaving your website without leaving feedback or review for you.

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