The Value of a Virtual Workspace: 3 Benefits of Using a Virtual Office

Are you opening a new startup business? Do you need a location for your office in the Philippines and cannot find anything in your budget? If so, then you need to investigate virtual office solutions at the Servcorp website at This website will change your life in that it will help you get back on your feet instead of paying outrageous prices for a lease that is not even in the heart of the business district.

Let’s take a look at three benefits of using a virtual office and how ‘going virtual’ can benefit your business.

Virtual Office

Credibility And Prestige
One of the most vital advantages of using a virtual office is the fact that you gain instant credibility. Your office space uses the address and phone number of the city you choose. You receive a local phone number, which is immediately received well by clients, as you appear to be local. You also will use the address of a high end, well-respected office centre in your target city.

In addition to receiving an impressive local package, you will also be given a dedicated receptionist who will answer and call back all of your clients. They will not have to use automated services or be sent to a foreign call centre to have their questions and concerns answered. Lastly, as a business owner, the use of a virtual office will allow you prestige for the product or service you are selling as your office tower in the Philippines will be both elegant and the décor will be high-end materials and finishes.

The next essential benefit of using a virtual office is the cost-savings you will receive. If you are a small to medium enterprise or a new startup, finances are a substantial concern for you. You most likely will need to be approved for a business loan unless you have a massive chunk of money you can apply to your new company.

In addition, renting an office space is expensive. Most require you to sign a multi-year lease for two to three years. Unfortunately, you do not know what the future holds. Hopefully, your business will succeed and not fail, but if it does fail, you are still on the hook for two more years of a rental agreement that you will not be using. There has to be a better way, and there is.

By using a virtual office, you get all the functionality of a real office for much less. You will have access to printers, copiers, and fax machines. If anything breaks or needs to be repaired, you do not have to pay for the cost. All these benefits are on a month-to-month basis with the first month free and no security deposit due when paying with a credit card.

The last crucial advantage of using a virtual office for your needs is the technology you will receive. Tech is constantly evolving which makes it hard to keep up with the latest products and services. When using a virtual office, you always have the newest information at the touch of a finger. You will receive high-speed Wi-Fi as well as access to IT support that can assist you at the time you need them. With evolving technology comes new opportunities, and when your clients see that you have the latest technology, they will be banging on your virtual door to be signed up for your services and goods. The fact that you do not have to research and purchase the newest tech paired with an IT support group to assist you makes a virtual office a viable solution for your needs.

How Can A Virtual Office Assist Your Business?
If you have ever wondered how you were going to make the lease payment or whether you were going to be short on the payroll for the month, then you need to research virtual offices. With a virtual office, you don’t have to worry about a yearly lease. You can pay month-to-month and stay in control of your business finances.

You also get a fully equipped and functional office with office equipment in good repair that is ready for use. You will receive a dedicated receptionist to answer your phones and make callbacks. You will benefit from top-notch technology with the latest advances. Lastly, you can enjoy immediate prestige and credibility as your location will be well respected with an elegant entrance, and high quality finishes. This gives the client the impression that you are a powerhouse company and are precisely what they need!

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