When Investing In Expense Management Software?

Expense Management Software

If you are new to expense management software, then you would be thinking of how to manage your expense reports in a different and in an efficient manner.

Certainly to this, there are many things you would have to consider before making an investment in expense management software.

And while several vendors out there would offer similar bells and whistles it would definitely seem to be difficult to make a decision.

Expense Management Software

We meant it when we say that we are passionate about delightful people and you would definitely want to choose the best software solution for you and your organization. And as a part of your dedication we would here help you in understanding in what’s best for you and your organization, we have put together a series of questions that would help you guide yourself throughout the process and would make your choice of expense management software solution a more straight forward and an informed decision.

The Untold Secret To What You Need To Look For When Investing In Expense Management Software?

Question: Why are you deciding to incorporate a new way of managing your expenses?

Before we get into the detailed features of the product, integration’s and support capabilities, the first question we should be asking you is why is our current expense management system not working, then the following applies to you.

  1. The process of manually entering the entire expense management report or say information becoming too time consuming.
  2. Employees falling into their own expenses on time and missing the main key elements into the report.
  3. Risk of expense fraud maintaining the accurate accounts for the auditing purpose.
  4. The current accounting system not having the capability or the functions that we would need in order to streamline the T&E reporting process.

Question: Who determines the unique needs of your organization?

Though many businesses accounting functions have been standardized, each and every organization is unique as the individuals who have been operating them. So before choosing an expense management system you would need to ask yourself the following.

  1. What is the size of your organization?
  2. How many employees in the organization file their expense reports?
  3. Approximately how often do they submit their expenses?
  4. How are the users currently submitting their expenses?
  5. Do your employees travel on regular basis for their business purpose? Do they travel intentionally?

Question: Which system suits our requirement?

The ideal system would here help you enforce the corporate spending policies by flagging the missing documentation, expenses overages, and auto nagging delayed approvals. This system has an ability to accommodate any number of users on one system with an unlimited amount of free of expense report submissions making up a highly recommended and a convenient solution. One fundamental ingredient that is generally overlooked while investing in expense management solution is support. Having an unlimited access to training and call assistance would fundamentally be improving the quality of your expense claim management process.

Question: What are we looking out in the new system of expense management system?

What are we looking out in the new system? What other aspects do you want the system to handle? What are the challenges in expense management system you expect to excel out of the old ones? And while it is essential enough to recognize your company current challenges it equally becomes important to have a deep knowledge of potential software solutions. For example what features of the new system would you wish to have? Is it integrity, capability or is it mobility?

To conclude one of the best ways to determine which software would turn out to be the best for you is to have a first-hand look and get the feel of the product by yourself.

Melissa Patterson is a freelance blogger with over 5 years of experience in writing blog posts about procurement management software. She has in-depth knowledge about managing travel expenses incurred in business. She is currently writing blog posts about travel and expense management software solution as a freelancer.

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