The Ultimate Guide for Finding the Perfect Employee for Your Small Business

best employee

In 2013, there were 22.5 million non-employer firms in the USA, according to the Forbes article from September of the same year.

However, when the business grows, people who created it learn that they cannot do everything on their own. That is when they realize that finding a good employee is not such an easy process. It takes a lot of consideration and a lot of planning to find the perfect employee. This is how it is done.

best employee

Check the General Information

Once you post your job offer, you will get a lot of CVs and applications. Go through the resumes and eliminate those that do not have enough experience or the education that you require. The rest should go into the second round of elimination. Think about the criteria that you are about to use once you start eliminating the candidates. Choose your priorities. Perhaps you value experience more than formal education. Maybe readiness to do volunteer work speaks volumes about the candidate to you. All those are legitimate reasons to hire and eliminate somebody. Just make sure that your priorities reflect the skills needed for the job at hand.

Ask for a Code in the Motivational Letter

A lot of people apply to tons of jobs without even looking though them. You do not want to waste your time on somebody who does not take the time to see your job posting in its entirety. Therefore, somewhere in the second part of your job posting ask your applicants to randomly put a word like “avocado” in their motivational letter. Only those that read your posting thoroughly will be able to do that. Others just waste your time.

Conduct Proper Interviews

Once you are done with eliminating those that you do not feel are a good match for your company, you need to talk to those that are. Among them is your future coworker. Compile the interview questions so that they reveal the things you need to know about the person.

If you are not sure about picking the right person, you can always hire RSP recruitment agency to do that for you. You are allowed to test the knowledge and reactions of your future employees, as well as to learn more about their personality.

Stay clear from the questions concerning ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality and religion. Those are not important for your job and they can offend people. Always let the candidates ask you some questions at the end of your interview. The choice of their questions will reveal their attitude toward you and your company.

Think about the Things You Are Offering

Good candidates with excellent references and rich CVs need to be happy at your company if you want to keep them. This means that you need to think through the things you are offering your employees. Think about their salary, bonuses, health insurance, working hours, work conditions and the prospects of advancement.

Those are the things that people value and that keep them motivated on their workplace. Be honest about what people can expect from you and your company and you will get the employees that are ready to do their job properly, knowing what is coming to them.

The last but not the least thing that you should do when interviewing the candidates is to trust your feeling. In years dealing with people, you already have a certain level of intuition about them.

If you do not like somebody, do not hire them. Even if you are not sure why you have a problem with a person, trust your instincts. Feeling comfortable around your employees is truly important, so make sure that you hire those that will not be difficult to work with.

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