Uber captivates their Users with the astonishing Features


Uber is a gigantic ride-sharing app for fast, reliable rides anytime.

This app allows the users with mobile phones to submit a travel request, which the software programs then automatically send details to the Uber driver nearest to the passenger, alerting the driver to the location of the consumer.

It is an easier the person should just tap to request a journey and it easy to pay with credit card or debit card or cash. The cash is allowed only in selected cities.


If a person wants goes to airport or railway station, Uber is available at any time. It is available in more than five hundred cities globally and it automatically calculates the total fare amount and transfers the amount to the driver. The ride sharing company, Uber tries something different to attract its customers. They often make application to be user-friendly in order to make it easy and efficient for the folks to use. Whether it is small or big there will always be a continual update on the application.

They also have an eye on the application which has a million numbers of users. One such amazing idea is the Snapchat filters. Snapchat is an application which is famous all over the world. It is widely used across many active with a huge number of active consumers. And also the mobile app is updated with the design and the User Interface of the app. It is said to be Uber app is a box of new approaches and attempts. Their main aim is to gratify their users and increase the customer’s satisfaction.

The app is accumulating jealousy to its competitors who took more time to reach the point where Snapchat is, whereas Snapchat acquired it in a short span. A lot of clone images were introduced in Snapchat recently. Presently, this app stays at the top position and also the most favorite app by the people. This app has now become effective to the ride-sharing company, which have planned to integrate with Snapchat filters. Uber has found that most of the folks all over the world are getting crazy in Snapchat.

They just conducted an analysis to find the reason for the people’s craziness. In future, they have planned to integrate the ideas of Snapchat into Uber on the next version. The last version of the Ride-sharing app was featured with a clean interface and the app was increased by featuring with the service requisition. Recently the application had assured its user with another devastating and exciting enhancement. One is Snapchat filters and the other one is friend’s locator.

Snapchat integrated with Uber app:
The most amazing and interesting feature in the Snapchat app is ‘Snapchat filter’. This feature has lots of fun and primarily it is considered to be the fun factor. It is just because the folks go behind the Snapchat for filters. A question is raised among the folks is that how a car-hailing application can use a Snapchat filter and also how it will be useful for them? These filters are made available only when the consumer is inside an Uber car. The app has initially have planned to add fun factors with a slight adjustment with an attractive theme that the original application had already.

The consumer can unlock the filters he/she uses and here there is an option called ETA filter which allows their friend or colleague whom they are going to travel with to know the calculated Arrival Time. There is also another amazing filter called mystery filter which is an exclusive one for the Uber application. The consumers can use these Snapchat filters when they are on the traveling and if the travel is going to be shared by another person whom you know and they can also view the pictures and the other details if the account is not in privacy.

An advanced idea of promotion:
The take on the Snapchat filters is that the Uber traveler will let his/her other Snapchat friends that he/she is using Uber. It is trendy way of promoting the application with the help of the latest wrinkle which is influencing rapidly of current times. Hence, by using the Snapchat filters the Uber’s popularity gets in far reach to a huge number of masses. This is a catchy technique to attract number of consumers to their contacts.

If the consumer is already a regular consumer at snapchat and a usual one over hailing an Uber cab then the consumer will have a Snap card in their feed, Or the consumer can reach the feed by swiping upwards and there will be a suggestion where the consumer can unlock all filters available for a given particular duration. The folks can choose one among the filters, then take a photo of themselves and after they can swipe. The photos can be taken with another Snap lens also.

Instructions to the Uber Drivers as Location rather than Place:
Another exciting feature which is been added in Uber app is friend locator. This feature is quiet an awful one because this one doesn’t have an exact calculation how far it is going to reach. And hence this feature raises a lot of curiosity among the public. Uber has an objective to eliminate the time for its consumer on using this app, even a feature which would enable its consumer to reduce the procedure saving time would matter for the developer. This feature is a peculiar one where the user doesn’t have to specify the location of their terminal.

The application is efficient in such a way that the consumer can point out to a friend’s contact on his/her phone and mark it as the terminal point and the driver will drop you to the location without any distraction. To use this feature the consumer has to integrate his/location with the Uber application. Integrating of contacts into the Uber app is not new to its consumer. Frequent use of Uber application would have already done it. But the dormant point is that the feature demands its consumers to share their location. If either of them has declined sharing their location then the feature is unable to use for both.

Problem with the friend locator feature:
This is primarily an issue from the consumer perception like they have trust issues over the application. As everyone knows the app requires he location to be shared by its consumer in order to use the friend locator feature. Most of the folks are not ready to share their private details.

And especially to the folks who don’t use the Uber app and the people who are new to hail the Uber app would find odd as they receive text messages from the app instead of push notifications. But Uber still has answer for this issue. The company has given a written statement that the personal details of the passengers who shares are highly confidential and assure that they will never be misused.

They also said that there is no reason to panic, for they are absolutely reliable and trustworthy. They even said that the app can no longer record the location of a friend’s terminal point after thirty minutes of the travel since the original static location expires.

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