Top Travel Apps That iOS Users Must Use At Least For Once


We know you love travelling and this is why you are landed here! We bet you will find extremely good information about travel apps that will help you in making plans, checklists, booking flights, and much more with convenience. You will get to know some significant iOS travel apps in detail.


Kayak is available for both Android and iOS users. The app offers a flexible assistant to search for rental cars, hotels, flights, etc. Using Kayak, you can also book your room in a hotel, flights, compare deals, and track flights with an ease. It is a great tool to track everything you require getting to and from your travel destinations.


Hotel Tonight

There are times when things don’t go as per the plan and the flights get delayed or you missed connections. Hotel tonight can be your helping partner if you need a place to stay in such emergency. It helps in tracking the last minute deals and accommodations at best rates. We don’t really wish for you to use this app ever, but just in case your luck turns to bad, you can take help of this reliable app- Hotel tonight.


It is a marketplace app that allows you to search for and discover unique accommodations worldwide. The app covers a range of price points in over 34,000 cities and 200 countries- that simply means if you love adventure, you can have some quirky choices for accommodations for your next holidays.


GasBuddy is an app for road trips. If you are on the trip or want to go on a road trip, you must check for the gas stations from where you cn re-fill your vehicle’s gas tank. GasBuddy helps in tracking down the cheapest gas in your region. You can use your GPS location or zip code to find the nearest gas station. GasBuddy also rewards its users with points for updating or reporting a station’s price list. But what is the use of these points? Well, you don’t know when you got number of points in your account to win a prize like free gas!

Google Translate

It is available for all operating systems and allows users to type or dictate short sentences of different languages. You can select an input language and output language. Input language is the current language that you need to translate and the translated language is the output language. Once you type the sentence, you will get the translated sentence of the language in desired language. Suppose you are in France and want to know how to ask the price of any product, you can type in English or any other language you know and select the output language French. You will see the result –

Keep these apps saved in your iPhone as you never know when you will need them on the go! We appreciate if you feedback to this story. Be a Santa and share this article info with your buddies too!

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