Top 5 Website Design ideas To Build your own Website


If you are firm to pull out all the stops to build a Pablo Picasso website, here are some five star tips for you which may help you to build your own stunning and impressive website.

These 5 webdesign ideas will help you to design any kind of website for platform like: static website, wordpress website or any other CMS.

Get a Reliable Web Hosting Dedicated


There are a number of companies, which are often known as ISP – internet service provider, offering hosting services for those who want to launch their website on the internet. Once you are done with the website design and development, you need to first register a hosting name of your website. You have got multiple options for domain registration like “”, “.com”, “.in” and so on.

The process of domain registration is nothing but a procedure to get a right for using your website URL. And Buying that URL, you can ensure that no one else will be allowed to use the same URL in future. However, domain registration isn’t enough. You also need to buy hosting space so whoever visits your website’s link is redirected to the place where you have hosted your website.

A good hosting service provider also provides some emails so you can use them to communicate with your clients. Also, the company provides you with the needed space to store the files that you are supposed to upload on your website.

What’s in a Domain Name?

“What’s in a name?”- A famous quote by Shakespeare. Unless and until you are a well-established and highly popular business, there is everything in your name. Create a catchy URL for your website that easily grab users’ attention. If I have to define a good URL then I would say it should be easy to pronounce, without spell errors, meaningful and appealing. By the word meaningful, I want to say that the URL or website name should be such that it reflects your idea and business domain.

For example, you are a real estate agent and you opted a website name “”, does it make any sense? If I am someone looking for a real estate agent and got your link, I will only get an idea that your or your beloved name is “Mike” and thus you have kept this name. Else I won’t come to know what business you are and what you are offering. Instead if you keep a name like “MikeRealEstate”, the people will immediately have an idea that you belong to real estate businesses.

Great, Unique & Performing Web Template

If you are a car dealer company, placing a template with nature scenes or bikes won’t make sense. Getting a right website development company isn’t a big deal, all you have to ensure is a right choice of template that reflects your business perfectly.

There are a number of free templates available on the internet. You can pick the best one and customized it as per your business requirements. If you don’t know anything about web programming, you can easily find a web designer.

Fresh, Informative, Relevant & Trending Content

Unless you are so excited to bury your hand with HTML and JavaScript, choose a reliable and efficient content management system (CMS). A CMS helps you update text, images, links, video or almost everything on your website from a user-friendly back-end panel. Offering fresh and new content will attract users to visit your website again and again.

Take Care, Maintain and Improve It!

Developing a website isn’t the end of your job. If you haven’t made any changes in your website since you have launched it, nothing can be worse than this! Keep visiting and verifying your website for spell & grammar error, dead-links, wrong or irrelevant information, structural error, etc. Every time you check your website, you will get a new space to get better and remove kinks if any.

There is no point of developing a state-of-the-art design and 100% efficient website if no one is able to find it on the web. If you want your niche to find your website easily, SEO services are a must. The SEO professionals will increase your page ranking on search engines and explore the visibility of your website on the web.

Almost every business has their own website today, but only few of them work for their owner’s business. If you want to ensure the one that fast-track your business, consider the above five-star tips.

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