Top 3 Best Word Processing Software

Word Processing Software

The typewriter was used for writing official documents all across the globe in offices and personal work spaces of people. The reason was that it was easy to use and you don’t need to toil hard while writing long stuff like stories, novels and likewise. With the passage of time, technologies were improvised and typewriter got merged with computers in the software form and laid down the foundation of Software technology to write documents which are commonly referred as Word Processing Programs or Word Processors.

Many Options, What to choose?
The 21st century is supposed to be the century of Information Technology and Computer sciences. In this world, a Word Processor is required everywhere including schools, colleges, Universities, Laboratories, Offices and likewise. Similarly, competition in the market has also risen and there’re many companies providing their Word Processors to be used. Furthermore, there’s another issue which is to know that which software is free to use and for which you have to pay to use it. This has made it difficult to define that which software should be chosen for the work.

Top 3 Word Processing Programs
You’re about to read about Top 3 word processing programs, it includes both paid and free Softwares. It’s difficult to define which software is better than other because there is a large number of Softwares to be analyzed. Besides, priorities are not same for everyone. Everybody has his own criteria to rank something as the best for him. This article is to help you to know about the best available in the market and that’s the core purpose of this article. So, let’s know about these 3 giants in this ocean.

Microsoft Word
The most commonly used word processor in the world is Microsoft Word. It won’t be wrong to say that Microsoft Word has set the standard in the industry of Word Processors. It provides you all set of benefits and features which you can expect from any word processing software. Furthermore, it also provides you the flexibility to add your custom watermark to your documents, you can use Grammar checker to find and fix Grammar style errors online, just to make sure your document is free from misused words.

The best thing about Microsoft Word is its Interface. Despite having many features, the interface of Microsoft Word has been designed so efficiently that it has become the most obvious choice for the users. Microsoft Word is available for almost every device including Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Smart phones. Besides, if you don’t want to download it to your device, you can also use its online version and can work on your documents supported by auto-save option. Last but not the least, it’s free for Windows users and for android users as well, but Mac users have to pay a little to use it.

Word Perfect
Without a doubt, you can say that Word Perfect could be the biggest competitor of Microsoft Word. It provides you all features which you can get in Microsoft Word. It allows you to make different documents, like Spreadsheets, Cover letters, Business letters and likewise. Besides you can import data from other files developed in other Softwares. It can also export the files into various formats including DOCX. It also comes with auto save feature.

The best bit about Word Perfect which differentiates it from Microsoft Word is that it has not only an easy interface but its interface is also customizable. You can customize your work space according to your own will. There are two reasons why it is placed behind Microsoft word. 1st it’s market share is slightly lower to Word and 2nd is that you have to pay some amount to use it. No matter what device or Operating System you use.

Google Docs
Google Docs is probably the giant in the Market of Online Word Processing Softwares. There are many reasons out of which few are in the below bullets:

  1. Easy Interface
  2. It comes with auto save feature allows you to forget about saving your document again and again while using it.
  3. Cloud storage allows you to access your work from anywhere
  4. It allows you to import data and structures from any other file
  5. It allows you to export your file in any format
  6. It’s free.

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