15 Reasons Pokémon Go Become Popular


The world can’t get enough of Pokémon Go. It is similar to an epidemic gradually spreading across countries and continent.

You will spot a Pokémon catcher in every street and the social networking sites are buzzing with lures and tricks to catch them all.

Well, for all those of you who (still) don’t know what Pokémon Go is all about, let me spill some beans for you.


It is a free gaming app and is a location based augmented reality game. It is a creation of Niantic and was published by The Pokémon Company.

The brain behind this genius of a game belongs to Iwata, the Nintendo fame. Its app is available on Android and IOS and uses the GPS technology for gaming navigation. It has a multiplayer option (yay!).

If you want a reality check about this game, then brace yourselves… It already has crossed 100 million downloads on Android and IOS and it has only been 45 days since its release. Latest statistics say that 3% of Android users play it daily (3% is a huge number). It holds a market share of 7.5 billion dollars, only through the game. This does not include the figures of merchandise, associated product and launch profits (phew!). It means the valuation of its market is very high around the world.

Let us find out what has kept this madness going and know the story so far.

Global Pandemic

Pokémon Go isn’t an ordinary game. It’s an experience. It’s an introduction to a new world of augmented reality where your favourite childhood character blends with imagination and adventure. Pokémon Go has opened a new arena for one of a kind gaming experience. It has been received with open arms by people all over the world, no matter what age group they belong to (even my dad is a huge fan of this game). And yes, you will surely enjoy it more than Tinder!

A New Mode of Gaming

The game has minimum distance to walk for catching these tiny Pokémon Go characters. This surely meets the minimum daily walking requirement which the doctors advice. They say you need to walk 10,000 steps a day! Fine! That’s not a problem because Pokéstops will take care of that. It is the most innovative unintentional health fad ever.

Let’s Go Out

It’s quite interesting to know how Pokémon Go takes you places (literally)! While walking down the streets to catch these cartoons, you walk down new lanes and discover new places. At least, your mom won’t complain anymore that you are a couch potato.

No More Privacy Vandalism

Since the time Pokémon Go has released, the average time spent on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has largely dropped by 33-35%. The game keeps you caught up, so now you don’t have worry about what ‘exciting’ is happening in other’s life. The time spent on Facebook was 33 minutes earlier. Pokémon Go has cut it down to 22 minutes. This surely is happy news for our parents.

Binds Families

The fun factor associated with the game and the need to team up has how has brought communities and families together. In fact, they even share their gaming experience and pass on those little words of wisdom about the tricks and hacks.

Never Seen Anything Like This Before

Catching a Pokémon is like an addiction. The more you catch, the more you want to catch. You are on toes all the time, treading in those walking shoes for a game. The eagerness for the next level and for something novel has what made Pokémon Go an adrenaline pumper.

Explore a New Experience

People are crazy about Pokémon Go though the latest versions of COD and Counterstrike are available. It means, the experience of an augmented reality game is surely outshining the VR games, PS, console games and endless versions of Candy Crush Saga.

Trigger Your Senses

One good thing that Pokémon Go that brought along is betterment of foot-eye coordination. While you are on the streets to catching these endearing figures, you start becoming more alert as you have to navigate yourself precisely. Therefore, you start looking beyond your smartphone and discover that a real world exists. You start becoming well-versed with your surroundings and become more observant.

Team Pokémon

To catch these adorable creatures, friends and families and best of players come together to spot a Poké What can be more encouraging than this? In fact, you learn to work as a participating team and give your best to be each other’s strengths.

Advent Into Other Streams

Music to your ears – The latest statistics reveal that the music streaming has increased by 630%, the Pokémon theme from the animated series being the sole contributor. And we all know the kind of magic music brings in our lives.

Music To Your Ears

Pokémon Go’s theme music is topping the charts and has become the most downloaded feature. It has created a wave buzz in the music circuits as well with variants and remixes of it in market.

Yes, There are Health Benefits Too

The game has a social nature where the player steps into the actual world. This surely has helped those dealing with social anxiety. Many experts suggest have claimed a potential of mental and physical health benefits due to this game. The game is a strong driving force and its credentials are empowering for all those who deal with such socially awkward situations every day.

With very few technical glitches and user-friendly application mode, the game is sure a must try once at least.
Pokémon Go Plus

The news is making rounds that its newer version, Pokémon Go Plus is going to be released in September. It is said to be bluetooth sync friendly and will consume way less battery than the current version. Isn’t that a proof of how well the game is doing? It will detect Poké stops without having to look into your phone. Your Bluetooth will detect it for you (what more can we ask for?).

Unofficial Third Party Apps

Many developers have created apps that correspond with Pokémon Go. These are gaming apps which run on the same principle and have similar features. Since Pokémon Go is a patented game, anything similar to it can make the developer land in a legal soup. Hence, these copied gaming apps were released unofficially. The most popular ones are Poké Radar and Poké Hub. There are many apps available in the market called Helper apps which help you spot a Pokémon.

Critical Response

There have many said community and cultural criticism the game has faced. But the concern lies in the legal scenario because of incidents of criminal activities that unfortunately were associated with the game.

Many cases have been reported about concomitant breeches of law and non-discrepancy influx. Incidents about loss of life and even murders have been mentioned. To be precise, we cannot put the blame of a game directly.

In this situation, one must realise that the technology is meant for bringing comfort and sophistication in life. Anything used without a backing of a rational thought always tends to backfire and fall flat. Someone has rightly said that for every plus, there comes a minus too.

One must understand the positivity a plus can bring and utilise it in our stride. After all, one must not miss out on something that creates a positive life experience.

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