Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Podcast

Make Money Podcast

Podcast continues to be an awesome way to make money. On a daily basis, a podcast can fetch a huge amount.

You can be great in making a podcast, by investing your time and money. Somehow managing to work in a studio and working 2 or 3 days regularly just to make a great 30 minutes episode. But not getting the response or the attention of your viewer or audience, you may feel bad and lose hope and confidence to make a new episode.

Here’s something you can do to improve your podcast

Target Audience

To be a recognizable person on the internet you need to give a special focus in knowing your Target Audience. You must be clear about the fact who are watching your videos and who is not, and then decide your next project accordingly.

People face ignorance even after putting great content because they lack the basic knowledge or do’s of the internet. Your audience is for whom you are putting your effort, but they won’t be sparing time if the content is not for them, for keeping your audience intact and engaging you must be regular in putting up content.

As an example, famous Youtubers, always be regular with their audience, they put content up to mark and on time. Some may be weekly updates, or some may be on weekends.

Astonishing Content

To be ahead in the race of Podcast and to be intact number 1 position, you have to bring out the creativity inside you. A creative child is sleeping inside you, wake him up because you need to create content that just is not only stupendous but also outstanding.

Structuring Show

Create themes and topics, so those audiences know what they may expect from you.

For example, if you are making comedy show, put up some funny slogans or put some funny theme, so that audience can easily get attracted because you are going to make them laugh.

Use productivity tools like evernote to plan and structure your show.

Call to Actions:

Prompt audience to do something, like put up some challenge that they can easily do at home and can hashtag you when putting content on social media.

You can also make them eager to buy your merchandise.


Editing content is what makes it worth watching; your audience must be connected, and by removing any glitches or noises that were caused while recording, you can make your audience engage and listen or watch your content.

It is recommended that you use a professional podcast microphone to keep the noise minimal in post production.

Use latest software and techniques to quickly edit and produce a high-quality show.

or Windows Movie Maker


Your audience may be in any mood, and if they are expecting your content to be funny and refreshing to them, then you must fulfill their need. No one needs a boring episode after all.

Community buildup

You must be having some followers; create a buzz on social media so that your followers build a community. You can update a facebook post and get the people who’re interested in your content.

Building Relationships

Friendliness is the major key to success, whatever you do on your platform; you may become great and famous, always remember to have a healthy bond with your competitor, and never let them feel like cursing you.

You may not be a great personality now, but when you have negative feeling for the one prospering, it affects your work too indirectly.

Build healthy relations with the star personality you meet while working; they may transform an ordinary work worth watching, and you may get the hype.

Treat them with breakfast, lunch or dinner, if you are making a whole day show.

Positivity is the reason why other person likes to do work with you.

Public Service and Donations

You can fund different NGO’s or help in upholding an event by funding your part. This will create your recognization among people and organizations; they will vice-versa your image, I mean they will build your image by giving you special focus among the crowd and thanking you on a public platform.

Donations to orphanages and in different institutions will create a soft heart and focus on your work and yourself.

Podcast Monetization Methods

Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is full of strategies; you sell your things even without producing. You appeal audience to use any service or point them to online stores; you can generate a passive income.

Promote on iTunes or SoundCloud or different media handles. You can develop a buzz there, and you will profit.

Submit your Podcast to podcatchers; this is a simple app that plays podcast for iOS.

Build your links by signing in as an Amazon Affiliate, and create unique links to your account and embed them on your website. These will increase the traffic and eventually your income.


Podcast make barrels of money through sponsorships. Choosing the right people is a step worth making in doing business. You must have enough self-potential plus your audience makes a huge impression on the person who will invest in your work.

Different media channels, advertising agencies show up to be huge sponsors. They look into your work and your audience views about your content, to invest their money in you.

Sale of Products and Services

You can create branded mugs, t-shirts, and bags, and sell them in the marketplace, this will gain people recognization and you will be brand.

Nowadays, this type of marketing strategy is used very often. The podcasters create a buzz for themselves by selling their merchandise, printed shirts, mugs, bags, and keychain, they create a new printed cool item and sell it, this is two-way income strategy, one is by your podcast other by selling merchandises.

Coaching New Talent:

Every day a new bud is emerging with some extraordinary talent. You must be a good open watcher and must see what potential your audience or a new person have. They may create hype for you.

Surf on the internet and find new faces, they will like to work with you, provide some useful facility to them and teach them your work and charge some fees. Teaching new one will ultimately provide help and create buzz, just like the one you can grow up a team and work with full power.

If they might not be around you available, then talk to them, consult them, and teach them over the internet, make them work for you.

Course Training

Podcasters make money by providing course training. The find it the best and most suitable and satisfying way to make money.

They teach people things that they might know, like How to turn your blog post to Youtube video, or Ways to make money from the podcast.

Your things won’t be sold right away, but offering something of value will worth their buying.

Books and Audiobooks

Books and Audiobooks offer high-value content. If you are not able to write a book, you can create an audiobook.

It’s a simple, but effective way of profiting from your content.

On a daily basis, people watch or listen podcast, do take advantage of this platform and profit yourself by creating your podcast.

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