10 Things Yoy Should Know About Cloud Security

Cloud Security Tips

The cloud is pretty secure because it is big business and the people holding all the strings cannot afford a big security breakdown.

Even if one were seen to happen then it would set the industry back in a time when people are just learning how to trust cloud hosts.

You should still be on your guard for threats, so here are 10 cloud security tips that you should know.

Cloud Security Tips

Penetration testing

A sound sexy doesn’t it, though despite the name you need not worry too much about doing it “right”. In equivalent terms it is like saying build a house when all you need is a shed. It just means you should try a number of ways to penetrate your own security on the cloud. The fact is that you are probably not as skilled as a hacker so there is no point in doing a big test to try and get in, just try and break your own cloud defenses. A penetration test (or pentest) is an active test of your cloud defenses.

Shop around to find the most conscientious cloud service

In an ideal world, you should not have to do all the work. In an ideal world you should be able to leave it up to your cloud service provider who should do all the work for you. With that in mind, you may wish to simply find a cloud service that offers all those benefits and use them.

Is your physical security up to scratch

Can people get into your network? Are you being spied on? Are people able to see your screen? Is there a way hardware could be inserted without you knowing?

Is your cloud service physical security up to scratch

It is their job to make sure that they are keeping their servers safe and secure. You should ask them if they have any extra security to stop people hacking their hardware directly.

Where is your password? Is it stored digitally?

Store your password digitally and people can hack it. Store it on a notepad and people can look at it. Store it in your head and you are forced to use a shorter one. The best thing to do is write it down physically and store the password in your safe.

Create a stronger password and change it every 72 days

Stronger is longer, which means create a longer password and change it every 72 days. This will make it harder for brute force programs to hack your cloud password. Every 72 days is just long enough so that it is not inconvenient whilst being short enough to stop most brute force attacks. The routine nature of it means that people only have a short window of time to brute force break your password.

Have backups of your data to be on the safe side

The crazy thing is that most people use the cloud as their backup solution, so having to back up the cloud seems silly to some people. But, if you are using the cloud as a backup for your files on your network then you have nothing to worry about. The chances of your cloud going down and your computer/network going down on the same day are almost non-existent.

Do not pick easy to guess secret questions

You would be bitterly surprised at just how ineffective security questions have become since Facebook has arrived. Using Facebook you can find out a person’s favorite sports star, favorite book, the street they grew up on, their favorite teacher and their mother’s maiden name. Pick a secret question that only you know and that would be suspicious if people asked you outright.

Delete data once you are done with it

There are a lot of people who leave files hanging around on their cloud servers just in case they need them again anytime soon. This just means that the hacker gets more if he or she breaks your password.

Where is your data being stored?

There are similar rules with regards to hosting with a server where the location of your information may determine its security. The contract between you and the cloud company may be in America, but if they host your data in a country that has not data protection laws, then what is to stop them looking through your files. It is not likely, but if you are going to be ultra cautious then you should check where the cloud servers are located.

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