Top 10 Big Data Predictions: Cloud Big Data Analytics Apps

Cloud Big Data Analytics Apps

The hype concerning big data went from strength to strength in the past couple of years. Though initially it started with the volume and growth of digital data and its potential for analytics, it continued to encompass more areas widening our interactive scope with the digital universe.

In just a span of two years we have seen so many new technologies coming as big force to our digital interactions. From machine learning to artificial intelligence to advanced analytics, predictive analytics, real-time analytics, Big Data cloud to Hadoop, Spark and other Apache Foundation projects, data as a service and many more are still coming to transform the way we conceive and use data.

In 2015, we have seen people talking enough on the huge promise and potential of big data analytics and related technologies. But irrespective of the growth and all-round focus on Big Data strategies and deployment, we have not seen any major shift in the approach.

2016 can be a louder year in respect of continued talk on Big Data technologies but from this year only we can see some paradigm shifts in the deployment, scope and enterprise focus in Big Data. Leveraging data in new ways for business specific apps to gain competitive advantage will be more popular from now on. The role of information officers in every business will be vital and they have to deal with two distinct aspects with the emerging technologies, respectively as meeting the emerging customer needs and staying updated with state of the art data-driven services.

Below we are introducing 10 most credible predictions for Big Data in 2016 and beyond.

#1. Decision Making, Advising and Assisting Machines
Machine learning is very likely to take big leaps this year and beyond. Already deep learning algorithms are continuously hitting and we can easily say that we are about to enter time dominated by cognitive interactions with machines.  In just few years from now machines will understand speech, read hand written text, choose images and visual media and even make complex decisions and assume what is going to come. With machines playing a bigger role in making decisions and doing things that are intrinsically human in character, the time of artificial intelligence is not far away. Like assisting services already launched by some smartphone brands, smart digital advisors and assistants will become commonplace in the years to come.

#2. Embedded Intelligence
Already apps in which no coding is required are becoming popular for deploying in enterprise environment. These apps are helping business users getting things done quicker than ever. This trend will become further stronger as organizations are embedding analytics functions inside the needful apps. According to an IDC prediction, by 2020, 50 percent of all business analytics software will have embedded prescriptive analytics inbuilt in the computing functionality. Gartner also makes a similar prediction by telling that autonomous agents and things will be more common. Though the real science fiction of robots taking over the mankind is still an improbability, in the coming five years the world is likely to go beyond apps with machines playing bigger and richer roles in taking decisions, making choices and assumptions and allowing more contextual interactions.

#3. IoT will Spread Every Area of Living
The growth of data and deployment of data analytics will be pushed forward by IoT platforms. Without our being too conscious, Internet of Things is slowly taking over every area of life with networked functions and interactive interfaces among gadgets. It got major boost from wearable devices in the recent times. Health and fitness measuring devices like Fitbits to smart frying pans to yoga mats, IoT is continuing to have bigger presence. With wearable the growth of IoT have been more than 200 percent in 2015. From cars to smart shirts to solar charging backpack, all are going to be connected on a platform.

#4. Data as a Service will be a Force in Business Model
Why IBM recently made acquisition of the Weather Company? Just because could read he writing on the wall. All kinds of data and analytics of the Weather Company will give IBM more strength to gain further strength in its data analytics business. Yes, data is going to be offered as a service for businesses. Companies in the time to come will be offering data-streams-as-a-service and this will be the new business model. There are other companies that are also going to offer similar data service package. As data analytics is likely to dominate for gaining competitive edge, data streams are likely to foster as service. But, irrespective of the demand for most companies mastering the skill in data protection, privacy and faster deployment of analytics will be crucial.

#5. Big Data will Help Solving Cosmological Mysteries
In the recent times we have seen various cosmological predictions and findings are becoming talked of social events in the digital arena. As flow of information is primarily web centric now, this is likely to continue and this can give birth to another significant leap. For example NASA is trying to handle and make use of big data problems in new and unique ways. Just because of having the most gigantic exposure to unclassified data from all sources NASA in the years to come can play a significant role in the storage, deployment and application of data.

Quantum computing is likely to make a great run from this year. Quantum computing machines can make most complex calculations that can otherwise be assessed too difficult to perform. Though quantum computers will not be a mass product so soon, but there are likely to be some significant advances towards this.

#6. Cloud Big Data Analytics will be More Popular
Already cloud Big Data apps and services are mushrooming. Over the span of next five years there will be more focus and spending on cloud based Big Data analytics apps. Most businesses in the years to come will embrace robust cloud based Big Data solutions for scalability and cost advantages.

#7. External Data Gains Budget
With the rise of Big Data analytics, suddenly large organizations are spending huge chunks of money for data sourced from outside of businesses. Buying external data will continue to grow as a trend. By offering more diversified contents rich in business value data organizations will go on monetizing their data and analytics.

#8. Visual Tools will Have More Demand
Discovery of visual data will continue to become important as users increasingly prefer scanning documents instead of reading them. The tools for information discovery will grow more than 2.5 times quicker compared to other business intelligence (BI) market, as predicted by IDC. More dependence on visual tools will also pave the way for self servicing enterprise IT environment.

#9. Privacy will continue to be a Concern
As accessing all kinds of data corresponding to various fields of business is increasingly becoming a contested area among contending analytics companies, the exposure of personally sensitive information for business use will become a major concern in the years to come. Moreover, thanks to widespread data driven focus on real time contextual marketing based on latest location technologies, we are more likely to make a tough choice between availing profitable offer and exposing one’s own location at the cost of privacy. As data will be the most contesting area to gain business insights big level of data hacking and intrusive actions can be more likely in the years to come. In 2016 we are likely to see more outcry concerning privacy and data breaches.

#10. Real Time Insights
According to the predictions of Forrester the streaming amalgamation of data and analytics will play a decisive role in making companies emerge as winner in 2016. All the focus is now on turning huge volume of data into specific set of actions. But even then the scope is still narrow as data is not delivering insights in real time. Naturally, data stream with real time analytics will make data services emerge as winner and loser in the years to come.

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