Top 10 Unforgettable Android Party Apps


Here are some great tools to help you make your party unforgettable. The list is in no particular order because the apps do different things, but at least some of these are going to help you plan your party.

A lot of it depends upon what sort of party you want, for example, one of the apps is great for arranging fancy dress parties whereas another is great for arranging parties of a more professional nature.

There are also apps to help you get the word out.


A lot of the time it is the act of getting people to come to your party that takes up the most time. A lot of the time, arranging a guest list is difficult. But, with the apps on this article you can invite a lot of people at one time and spread the message to be sure everyone arrives.

Event planning tools

This app allows you to arrange and organize your party down to the last detail. You can arrange what you want to buy, what you need to display, what music to play and who to invite. It will even give you suggestions on what venue to try and will help you keep track of the money you have to spend.

YouTube for mobile

You can use this app to help you figure out what you should do when having your party. It is full of good ideas and inspiration for your party, and is good for allowing you to upload videos of the party itself. You can even create a preview of your party to show people what to expect.

The Facebook App

You can use this to make an announcement about your party. You can invite all your friends from Facebook, and even run polls on what sort of music so play and what sort of food to have. You can take suggestions on what to do and publicize your party to the extreme.

The eBay app

You can use this app to buy all the things you need for your party, and there is a good chance that you will get them cheaper too. You can also use this app for inspiration on what sort of party decorations to buy, and you can buy cheap CDs too to play at your party.


You can take down notes and make memos with this app. You can take notes whist you are walking around the shops and make notes to remind you who to invite. You can even make your invite list on the app and then cross them off as people confirm if they are coming or not.

The Google Maps app

You can send message to people with screen prints that you took with your app. You can show people where the party is going to be. You can also use the app to note down directions to the venue so that you can tell people (by email or text) the directions to your party.

TweetCaster for Twitter

This is a great little tool for sending out lots of party invite messages. You can make sure that all your friends know about the party, so that you will not forget to invite anyone. It is also good for asking people for suggestions on what to do at the party and what music to play.

Design wedding party

This is a great app to use if you are planning a fancy dress party. It is originally designed for wedding parties, but the emphasis on decorations and clothing makes it a great app for Halloween and fancy dress parties. It also helps you to plan things such as the food to cook and buy.

The Wedding bachelor party

The most memorable parties are bachelor parties, so why not take the principals of a bachelor party and use them to make your party the best ever. It is great for picking venues and music. It also helps you to pick out any entertainment you need, as well as giving you other great organizational tools to help you plan everything.


This app allows you to organize anything, from parties to business meetings. It is highly customize-able and works very well if you are in a rush. You can track your own progress, including tracking who is going to arrive and who is not. You can track how much money you have spent and how much you are going to spend.

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