6 Proven Tips To Consider Before Buying New Android Smartphone


When it comes to picking the best android phone in India, we would ask any buyer to go through a quick checklist before jumping to any conclusion. For starters, the best android phone in India would never appeal to everyone, for the simple reason that the Indian market is strongly marked by distinct categories, from budget phones, to value phones, to mid-range and premium androids.

For picking the best android phone in India, you will need to pick your category first. Having said that, check for the following parameters and how the respective phones stack up in each, to make a really informed choice. The information is all out there, so finding it should not be a problem at all.

Any android phone with pretensions to being the best android phone in India would necessarily have to have a strong service network. A strong network not only indicates commitment to the market, but availability of a service option nearby is critical to any buyer, with a device such as Smartphone. The best android phone in India will have to be a 4G phone. 3G is dead. Whatever the seller or anyone else for that matter might tell you, ignores it all?

Look for the RAM+ Memory combination.
Any pretensions to being the best android phone in India cannot be considered seriously with a RAM + memory combination of 1+8. Thus, at the very least, consider a phone with a RAM of at least 2 MB, and a storage starting at 16 GB and above.

The cameras
While the premium category phones will have solid, and mostly dual camera set ups at the front and even back in some cases, the very least you expect in the camera department from a phone in any category today is a 6 megapixel and above shooter. Otherwise, a non starter in the best android phone in India stakes.

Battery and processor
A minimum 2500 mAH battery and above, and a processor from either of Mediatek or Qualcomm is a must, preferably Octacore and above. Anything below this, and not only is your phone going to die out on you, but forget best android phone in India, it is likely to fail you miserably on most speed tests.

The Android version
As you know, Android releases newer versions regularly, and phones are currently transitioning from Android marshmallow to Android Nougat that was released in 2016, and finally to Oreo. Any phone below Android Nougat should not have any pretensions to be the best android phone in India anymore, with 2018 almost upon us. The version actually impacts a lot of other phone features, as this demands a certain minimum hardware level support, be it RAM, Memory, or even processor, to deliver optimum performance.

Looking at all these factors, at least when it comes to the largest category of smartphones, ie, the value category at Rs 6,000 to Rs10,000, newer brands like Comio seem to make the cut, and deserve a serious look for that reason.

Hi, I am Tarun and I love to write about top android phones launched in India that create a buzz. I am a big fan of Android mobiles and own Honor 9 just because of its top of the class specs and design. Lets connect on Facebook – tarunrao1992.

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