Technology Trends in Business for 2016

Technology Trends

Every year that comes brings some changes to the business environment. This is especially noticeable when it comes to technological trends.

These changes are sometimes just nuances and in other cases rather revolutionary. Whatever their nature is and regardless how small your business, adapting to them promptly is often necessary for staying competitive and highly productive, especially if your aspirations are moving up the business ladder.

Therefore, here are business technology trends for 2016 you should pay attention to.

Technology Trends

Purpose driven business approach

Socially responsible business are being more and more recognized and valued by customers who are willing to pay more and improve their loyalty to companies whose business conduct is purpose driven. The Golden Rule philosophy in business means caring for more than solely your own bottom line. See the greater picture and your customers and employees will value that. This may not be a directly technological trend but if you incorporate it to your digital marketing presence it becomes a significant part of it.

Reduction of office based technology

Look around your office and you will surely find at least half a dozen IT machines that you used rather rarely in the previous year or so. It was high time you got rid of at least some of them. Costly maintenance and expensive upgrades makes keeping them too expensive. Consider moving some of that IT infrastructure to cloud and study the potential financial and time savings. What you will surely gain is office space and task efficiency.


Regardless if your on-premises technology is redundant or not, using cloud to start some new projects is definitely one of technology trends in 2016. If you are not accustomed to using cloud services, start gradually. For example, use it to improve mobility features or to analyze your customer database. Using cloud for backup of your data is one of the most common uses when it comes to small businesses. However, do keep a local backup of your recent data in case you lose internet connection or you need some of it in matter of seconds since recollecting most recent data is faster when you use a local copy.

Mobile platforms

Use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones is on the continual rise and there is no going back. The sooner you adapt your business conduct to this trend the better. This relates both to your customer and employees needs and habits. Mobile platforms based customer service and employee communication, synchronization and efficient group work will become a standard before you know it, therefore, jump on and take the wheel yourself.

Increase security

Since business conduct is becoming increasingly digitalized the issue of security becomes shifted to digital field as well, especially online part of it. Malware and viruses that we are exposed on daily basis are constantly evolving and it takes continual education of you and your staff in order to be able to adequately respond in case of a threat. Therefore, make sure you are always updated on the matter and pay special attention to the security of your business and customer data base.

Go green

Environmental concern is a matter that is being increasingly imprinted in any serious business conduct. This is quite natural due to the state our planet is in. Therefore, adapting your technology to this trend is both wanted and expected. For a start, digitalize your paperwork, outsource printing services, make use of Uber for transportation, opt for power saving equipment or simply plant a tree in your office yard, everything counts.

As it was said at the beginning, the technology trends continually change. Some are adapted and improved and some are completely new to the scene. What is important is that you are regularly updated and that you do not fall behind on any that are important for your business conduct and development.

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