Best Social Media Travel Apps for Indian


The best applications to use in your mobile phones in India are mentioned below. These Social Media Travel Apps help you in guiding you to the cities and states you travel and also locates the best restaurants to stay and eat in the vicinity you’re travelling.

They also help you in converting foreign currency to the local currency of the country so that you wouldn’t have any difficulty in spending your money in India. Now let’s have a look at the apps which are best used for travelling in India.


Sky scanner

The Sky scanner app helps you in finding flight online for making your travelling easy. It shows flights which have low fares as well as flight which demand high fares for your travel. Many travelers who used this app say that it works really well in India and does not lag i.e. it works as faster as its web version so there is no problem for travel.

XE currency

Most of the people face a problem with currency because they don’t know how to convert the dollars or francs into rupees (Indian currency) and where to go for converting their money. Foreign travelers face a lot of problems with converting their currency as said so using this app you can convert ten of currencies in the app which you set to desirable currency. The app has a special feature where it works in both online as well as the offline mode.

Google translate

This is one of the apps created by the Google where you can learn the local language where you’re staying while travelling because most of them do not know proper English and people feel difficulty in communicating with them. So what you’re waiting for download the app and start interacting with the local people and get to know their lifestyles as well as their cultures.


Skype as everyone knows that it is majorly used for video calls but many foreign travelers use this app for communication with their family members, friends or their loved ones and know about their day to day happenings even you are far away from your place. It is similar to using of a mobile phone where you use in your own country. It helps you in making cheap international calls to your home or make other calls in low fare to a third destination. This app helps you in making cheap international calls when compared to the phone using in another country and baring those high fares.

Trip Adviser

This app is popularly used in India by the local people to know about the best hotel in that particular place and would be useful for a lot of international travelers as well.The hotels on the trip adviser are given a lot of reviews and also suggest other people to taste the famous dishes of that particular hotels. It also guides you through the cities and places to see in India or the place where you are staying with ease.Hence download their app if you don’t have it in your mobile phone.

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