5 Elegant and Modern Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Flip Case

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Flip Case

Samsung, one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturing companies have always been in the news regarding their latest technological advancements and their huge smartphones.

Well, when we say huge, there is only one thing that strikes our minds which is the “NOTE Series”. There note series have always been one of the favorite devices among the youngsters as well as the working people. It has been around 5 years now since the launch if the first Note device and Samsung has already shown us what they are capable of with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Such great phone needs an equally awesome case and what suits better than a “flip case” on a classic phone like this. So let us have a look at Top 5 Flip cases to buy for Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


Samsung Mont Blanc Flip Case

We all know Samsung and we also know Mont Blanc which is a luxury brand famous for its unmatched quality and precision. A full pure leather case with an elegant Mont Blanc logo on the bottom center of the flip case and Samsung’s logo on the back is what you get on this amazing piece of art.

Samsung Swarovski Flip Case

Another biggie in the fashion world and we can see why it is! Swarovski is a fine luxury brand which is all about diamonds and clearly, even here it lives up to its name as the case’s back is engraved with pure Swarovski diamonds and looks elegant as well as posh too.

Samsung Clear Flip Case

This is what we all were waiting for and finally Samsung has done it by developing a special clear flip case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It features a clear-translucent flip cover at the front through which you can even access your phone without opening the case. You can also use for Galaxy s7 case.

Samsung S View Case

We all have seen stuff like this from Samsung earlier and they all have been an absolute joy to work with as they are made up of premium materials like pure leather and unlike any other case, they also provide functionality. There is a window on the top of the flip case which allows you to read your recent notifications access camera or even make an emergency call to someone when in need.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Keyboard Case

Finally, last on the list and our most favorite one is the Keyboard Case by Samsung and it is the most amazing thing that could every happen to a smartphone. Yes, it is a strap on keyboard via galaxy note 5 case and is exclusively made by Samsung. Samsung has provided a QWERTY keypad which is meant for fast and hardcore typing and the keypad even has HOME, BACK and RECENT APPS button.

NOTE: All these amazing Flip cases can be bought through Samsung’s own website or its store.

So if you think that your 5+ inch long NOTE 5 wasn’t enough to flaunt, then add these to it and make it even better!

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