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An SSL Certificate is very important for any website in today’s age. The reason is that all types of transactions are carried out online, and if the safety of that data going back and forth can’t be secured, then so many financial data are at risk. Now that you have agreed upon the importance of SSL Certificates, let us see what are some of the things you should be aware of and check before choosing which certificate you would go for.

How dependable is the service provider who gives SSL?
There are so many providers who promise SSL certification, but if you dig deeper, you will find that some of them do not even have the capability of getting extended validation SSLs for themselves, and have to depend on other service providers for the same. What could be more ironic? This is just an example, and you should thoroughly check the other credentials of your service provider. 

Customer Service
It is not enough to get an SSL certificate. You need to have responsive support whenever you need. Emails are nice, but not always effective in prompt support because they usually have a 24 hour turnaround time. Also, even if your provider has a phone support available, it should ideally be 24×7, because you never know when you might need support. So the SSL certificate provider you choose should have seamless all day support.

Some providers are more involved in other IT support service, and SSL certifications are just another new item they pick up. If that is the case, then you need to be careful of engaging that company, because they would not be SSL specialists. That’s why it is better if you choose a provider like RapidSSL Certificates who are specialists in this.

Multibrand Providers
Like multi service providers, you also need to be wary of providers who deal in more than one SSL certification. If that is the case, then they would be able to provide any of those certificates, but not be experts in any one. Also, the quality and time of their support might not be dependable.

Proper References
Your provider might be claiming on their website that they have partnerships with the certifying authorities (CAs), but please make sure they show you the details of the partnership in writing. Some resellers are unscrupulous and might not stop short of naming reputed CAs as their partners even though there is none.

Pricing and Money Back
The first criteria for an SSL certificate provider is the quality, but you should also compare prices. RapidSSL Certificates are one of the most cost effective certifications. Apart from prices, you should also check if they offer any kind of money back guarantee.

Speed Of Certification
In the lightning age we live in, you cannot afford to wait for days or weeks for your certification to come in. Select a provider who can do a good job in quick time.

Increased Browser Support
The SSL certificate you get should be compatible with most browsers, otherwise the recurring security alerts would make the customer or user apprehensive. RapidSSL Certificates enjoy 99+% browser of root certificate.

Quality of Encryption
The whole purpose of SSL certification is to ensure security of data. You need to select a certificate with a strong encryption architecture.

The provider you choose must provide a solid warranty as well. Most clients miss out this important point, and while they might save some costs during certification, but they end up spending more than that in the long run, because of lack of warranty support.

Ease of Installation
You need to select a provider who give you proper help and support so that you can install the certificate easily and fast. In terms of documentation and support, you must be able to install it easily.

These are just some of the things that must be taken into account while going for SSL certification. There are several providers available, but unless the correct provider is selected, your certification will either not serve its purpose or will give you lots of troubles. Therefore it is important that you spend some time assessing the alternatives so that your certificate is actually useful to you.

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