Should You Purchase MI Mobile Phones?


MI Mobile Phones are one of the premium phones offered by Xiaomi. However, when we compare the feature package with the costs; we find these phones are worth trying. Let’s try to find if these phones are worth buying or other phones farewell.

Configuration and Few More Information about Mi 5 Phone
The MI 5 Phone is one of the fastest and lightest phones offered by the company. It is shipped with a Snapdragon 820 processor and impressive 3GB RAM that makes the overall experience equally fast.


When checked on AnTuTu, the real time score was 112,381 that is pretty close to the company’s benchmark.

When these statistics combine with the Adreno 530 GPU, gaming experience will be better and efficient in this phone with minimum or no lags.

With an internal storage capacity of 32GB and 2.0 Flash 4-axis OIS camera, the phone has a 3D glass body to match with the design aesthetics and style of the premium phones like iPhone. It is equally a light-weighted phone and weighs at only 129g. All these design aesthetics make the phone easy to grip and hold in your hands.

The phone is blessed with a 3000 mAh battery that can last for almost 10-12 hours real-time based on usage.

MI 5 has a special feature that includes 4-axis OIS which makes the overall Image Stabilization Experience better and bigger. You can click clearer pictures and delivers more stable recordings.


Configuration and Few More Information about Mi Note

Mi Note is one of the best phones to feature a wooden frame at the back of the phone.

It has a 4G dual SIM along with a Snapdragon 801 processor. The 5.7-inch FULL HD display is also blessed with a 13MP Sony Camera Optical Image Stabilization.

The Hi-Fi audio system and the ultra thin 6.95mm frame are one of the best features of this phone along with the 3000mAh battery.

If we talk about Moto G phones, we have the awesome Moto G Turbo and the normal 3rd generation phone. The phone with a 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM holds up perfectly phone with the MI phones.

The performance is better in terms of the Geek bench score even with less RAM due to the proprietary and successful processor speed of Moto G. The 2470 mAh battery also matches with the MI phone though it is really hard to pick one particular phone that fits the bill in terms of battery life. Both can last for a complete day.

Reasons to Pick MI Phones

  • Better and high-resolution camera
  • OLED screen to enjoy movies
  • Processor is faster
  • The screen is larger and thinner for an aesthetically pleasant experience
  • It can take photos with 4.5x more detail in terms for larger prints.
  • It shoots very high-resolution videos (UHD)
  • The display is 20% crispier as compared to a Moto G phone
  • RAM is better to play games and for multitasking also

Reasons to pick Moto G phone

  • It has a better and newer Bluetooth support
  • Has a built-in FM radio
  • Boosted with an assisted GPS and also lighter
  • Playing games is more fun due to strong and robust GPU in this phone.
  • Power consumption and battery does not drain out easily as compared to MI phones during data transfer and network access

Common Features of Moto G and MI Phones

  • Both the phones feature a sharp display with Moto G winning the battle by 60 PPI.
  • Though the MI phones have a better resolution (1920 as compared to 1280).
  • The Wi-Fi support in both phones is on par with the best in the world.
  • Mi Note 2 is thinner than Moto G by 4 mm
  • MI Note’s screen is almost 1.2 inches


  • Both these phones and the impressive Mi Max phone are one of the best budget phones with premium features. Moto G series, Samsung J5 and iPhone 5(s) also give tough competition to all these phones.
  • The Turbo version gives an extra edge as it provides quick battery charging option also. Processor-wise, it is too tough to call.
  • However, if you love playing games for long, Moto G should be your preferred choice.
  • It is really a close call and you can try both the phones if you are picking one for your family members also. Individual-wise, it is a close call and Moto G might win the battle by a slender
  • Though, you will miss the slim curves of MI phones. Which one will you pick? Tough choice!

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