Here’s How You Promote Your Business At Community Events And Festivals

Events And Festivals

Business expos, health fairs, festivals and other community events are very good opportunities to promote your business in your community. A lot of small businesses end up spending hundreds of pounds when they are promoting their business online or via mail.

But, many owners fail to understand that advertising in their neighbourhood will help get the job done much quickly and easily. Seriously, if you are not using the chance to promote your business in community events and festivals, you are missing on a golden opportunity.

A study conducted recently proved that 44% of marketers saw 3:1 return on their event marketing investments.

Community gatherings and festivals help a business connect with the locals. Not only will you be able to interact with your current and potential customers but also show them what more you can offer should they opt for your services or products.

You can show them the same by giving out brochures, freebies and small gifts that which will encourage them to do business with you. By attending such events, business owners can also form valuable relationships with different local businesses.

Below we have mentioned some tips that will help you promote your business at community events and festivals.

Do your research

Before you attend a festival, it is vital that you carry out research on your own. Local communities hold a variety of events like art displays, cooking competitions, parades, picnics, music festivals and holiday celebrations.

So, before you book your table at that event, think about your target audience and ask yourself whether they will be attending that event. For example, if you are selling products designed for senior citizens, you may want to stay far away from that death metal music festival filled with headbangers.

Not sure about which gigs or community events you should opt for? Talk to other business owners from the same industry and ask them which events brought them success in the past and which ones are a big no-no.

You should not be spending a lot of money and time on an event which will prove to be a dud for you.

Also, you should give a thought to the registration cost and fees as they affect your overall business.

Get an appropriate space

After you figured out the right event, talk to the event organisers about how much you will be able to get for being a part of it. Some events may offer an entire stand to you, while other events may allow you to promote your products off a small table that  you have to bring yourself.

Getting to know the exact measurements will help you determine the number of goods you can bring to that event. Remember, instead of cramping up your stand with a lot of products, you are better off showing them how neat and well organised you are.

Also, ask the event organiser whether the stand will be under a cover, tent or out in the open field. If there are chances of rain, make sure you are not carrying anything expensive with you.

Bring along freebies

It’s a good practice to hand out your business cards to potential customers at events. However, freebies are more likely to make a strong impact than the tiny piece of paper.

So, before you attend the event, take your time and bring along the right amount of freebies to be handed out. These freebies can include items that end up featuring your company like grocery bags, coffee mugs or promotional pens. You may also go ahead and offer some discount coupons so the customers actually pay a visit to your shop.

Some companies use this opportunity to promote their newly launched products by holding a giveaway contest. You may also use this strategy and offer a discount on your new and existing products or come up with a combo pack that combines several products and offer them at a discounted rate.

We hope the above-shared tips help you promote your business at community events and your business reaches new heights.

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