Do Organizations Need Remote DBA Support?

Remote DBA

What exactly is DBA support? When you have a server on which you have your entire database, when you require help from a database administrator who specializes or is an expert in that particular database is known as DBA support. When this support is done remotely, it is known as remote DBA support such as Oracle database support.

The need for Remote DBA

Every company, which is growing would require using some type of database to be maintained. They can use certain data centres to maintain the database server. This database server will have your database stored. Remote DBA support would be required to handle any query that might arise then.

It is important to understand that your remote DBA support should be an expert in the type of database platform you use. Say for example you use Oracle database support then your remote DBA support should be an expert in the field of Oracle database support.

Parameters to find the right kind of Remote DBA support company

Oracle database support can be provided 24 X 7 by many remote DBA support companies in the market. You have to do a market research and understand which of them can provide you with best service at lowest cost. Oracle itself provides a good deal of remote DBA support. Mostly this is done through remote access via a dedicated dial-in or a secure CRT or ssh connection through the internet.

This helps you resolve your concerns easily. Your database would require an administrator and rather than hiring a single man you could opt for a team of experts who are available round the clock to maintain your internal administration ie a company that can provide you with remote DBA support.

Most of the times, the companies that offer your oracle database support also include monitoring tools, articles of knowledge base as well as some non-support development engineering. Many companies also provide customized real-time monitoring for your oracle database support as opposed to a traditional architecture of monitoring.

Oracle database support will be required when your database platform is of oracle and a large database has to be supported. Many times, you would find one single database administrator handling hundreds of database instances. You have to understand that whatever platform you have your database stored on you would require an administrator support for that. Many times your data centre people might be able to give you a remote dba support.

Application performance management (APM) is one of the tools used by DBA’s so that they can focus on different instances of the database that are created before they start working on it. The traditional application performance management generally helps the DBA to focus on technology silos rather than an overall holistic approach.

Right from the time you decide to have a database and the platform on which you decide, it is important you understand your database administration needs. Mostly a remote DBA support would be of immense help in maintaining your database and the queries that might be generated by it. It is important that you select the support company which gives you the best service at an economical price.

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