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The world of WordPress is very vast, between themes, plugins and online tools, we have something to deal with! Everything is at hand on the web, just look at some of these tools to find some fascinating features.

In this article, I want to propose you were discovering some sites that could well become allies for your WordPress.

Test Environment Tool

We often talk about developing WordPress sites locally with Wamp or Xampp. However, this kind of local environment will force you to use space on your machine.

There is then an “online solution,” it is Cloud9. To tell you, it is the environment I use to do all my tests of WordPress plugins and developments when I write my articles on Startwithclick or even my client projects. I have about plenty WordPress sites on this hosting in “Cloud” mode, this allows me to work serenely and not to worry about the slightest misstep. I recommend it to anyone who wants to train!

For starters, just subscribe to a free plan that you can evolve into a premium formula ranging from $ 19 to $ 29 per month. You will then get a “WorkSpace” of 5GB of space as well as unlimited databases, all remote. In short of what to have fun!

Discover The Tool

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Theme Name Search Tool

For beginners, it’s not always easy to know how to read the inspectors available in web browsers like Chrome or Firefox. How do you know the theme used by this superb blog that you have just discovered? You say “I want the same template, ” but you do not know how to get his name? “What WP Theme is that” is an online tool that will allow you to inspect the theme and plugins used by a site by simply entering its URL.

Note, however, that some sites do not allow this tool to be able to inspect them. Also for sites using child themes or custom themes. This online tool has some limitations.

Test the tool or alternative check the tool

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Child theme generator

We can not say enough, using a child theme is a good way to protect its site during future updates and when we want to go further in the customization of its theme. However, when starting with WordPress, it’s not necessarily easy to do it yourself.

Of course, if you are comfortable, it will only take 5 minutes between the creation and the sending on your server.

Once the URL of your site is entered and some information (Version, Description), you just have to click to launch the child theme generator. You can then download and send it to your server.

Generating a child theme

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Legal information generator

Any website must make available to its visitor’s legal notices. It is an obligation. Unless you are accompanied by an excellent lawyer who takes care of it, or you have the time, the desire and the skills to write it for yourself, you will be able to rely on a generator of online legal information. It’s free, and it’s effortless to use!

You will only have to fill in the different fields that will be requested and to fill in your e-mail address to immediately receive your legal notices in HTML format. Then, you will only have to copy them then paste them into your dedicated WordPress page.

However, do not hesitate to customize them history not to end up with the same legal notices as your neighbor!

Discover this tool

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Online chat tool

Proposing an online chat system can be a good way to reassure and retain your visitor, or even to convert it into a customer. There are many other benefits to using such a service as explained in this article. There are many solutions, but I wanted to tell you about Crisp.

It is a relatively recent freemium tool that will allow you to create an online account. To this, you will need to add a  WordPress plugin that will make the gateway between your site and your online account.

When I tested it, I appreciated the ease of configuration:

  • In WordPress, you have nothing to do besides installing and activate the plugin
  • In your Crisp account, you only have to fill in some information such as your URL address, your e-mail address, the name of your site and some preferences of colors and notifications.

That’s all! From then on, your visitor will be able to communicate live with you via this powerful UI interface.

Also, Crisp proposes to go further by providing you with add-ons, additional information, and rather detailed statistics, but you will have to upgrade to the pro version to benefit from these features (from $ 25 to $ 95 per month ).

See offer Crisp

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Online scan tool

Although many security plugins provide scans of your site, there is an online tool that offers this feature. It could be interesting to use it if the site you want to scan is not yours (for example, that of a future client).

WPMU DEV will allow you to make a check-up of the overall status of a site for free. You will be entitled to one scan per day or an unlimited number of scans if you create your account (free). Beyond this tool, this site offers many other offers as well as plugins and themes (and starters themes) that I invite you to discover here.


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Site Speed Test Tool

In line with online tools that are very useful for WordPress, we can not forget to quote Pingdom, this very powerful tool that will tell you more about the performance of your site.

CSS property generator

To customize your WordPress site you will need to add CSS properties that you will place in classes for use on tags. Some of these properties may be more complex to achieve, others are more annoying, without forgetting the addition of ” prefixes vendors ” which allow the various web browsers to take them into account.

Fortunately, a CSS generator is in the free use and will allow you to realize many properties such as Border Radius, Box Shadow, @Font Face, Box Sizing, Flex Box, RGBA colors, etc. This tool is complete and allows you to discover live the result of your properties!

See the generator

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To conclude

This list could be compared to the visible part of an iceberg as the web is full of useful resources for a WordPress site! You are also used to using online tools other than plugins. Well, do not hesitate to share them in a comment!

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