Tools For Online Shopper To Save More in Online Shopping


Online Shopping is no rocket science across the globe including India.

In India, in particular people are skeptical about the concept of online shopping some years back.

But, now everything has changed and that too drastically.

According to recent studies, it has been deduced that in the next 400-500 days to come, India will witness around 40 million online shoppers.


Two years back, there were 20 million online shoppers in the country. Talking about the reason behind the sudden increase in the shopping population, smartphones have become the primary source of online shopping. Another good point has been indicated during the study. Almost 200 million Indians will be able to access the Internet in the coming three years.  Now, it is so obvious that more and more people would do online shopping in India.

Now, major thing to consider here is that in a price-sensitive country like India, attracting people to shop online is a task. It was actually, but money back guarantees, timely delivery and discounts led people to surf and shop online. Flipkart had a TV ad as well keeping Indian online shoppers in mind, where a woman taunts her husband that she married to him after seeing his photograph only. Initiatives were taken from both the sides – sellers and consumers.

Online Shopping Tools. What are they for?

In the recent past, online shopping has got a new face with all these coupons and cashback features. There are several other tools and techniques which every online shopper must understand and utilize before making a buying decision online. Because every single person engaged in online shopping wants to pay less and save more. All below mentioned tools would help you to save more every time you shop online. ‘Saving More’ is the motto of online shopping tools. Let’s have a quick glance at all these online shopping tools one must know.

Price Comparison Portals

Out of all online shopping tools we are going to discuss here, Price Comparison sites are the most popular. In India, there are tons of price comparison sites where you can compare prices of a single product on a single page. This way, you save your hard earned money and your precious time as well.

What they do? How they help you to save more?

In India, there are lots of e-commerce portals which are selling a same product at different prices. It is very difficult to find the lowest best price online. To solve this problem, a concept of price comparison portal emerged. A price comparison, basically, is a place where you can find different prices of a single product at one page with all necessary information like shipping details, product specification, guarantee details and others.

Coupon Websites

It is another great way to save more money online. Coupon sites are helping you find the best coupons and deals online shopping portals are giving you every hour and every day. Here you find all coupons and promo codes of a desired category at a glance. For example, if you want to shop on India’s leading online shopping store then visit any coupon site (there are many coupon sites) and go to Flipkart offers store page, Here, you will find all available flipkart coupons & offers.

What they do? How they help you to save more?

Every single coupon website gives you all sorts of deals and coupon codes available online at different online portals, especially on online shopping portals. Finding relevant coupon in a few clicks saves time and money. Moreover, the mentioned deal or coupon directly takes you to the offer page. You don’t have to waste your time in finding out the page with discount or offer available on the seller’s site. I, as an avid online shopper, always look for coupons before buying anything online.

Chrome Extensions

This is one of the rarest tools which an online shopper uses. Several online stores (some price comparison sites too) come with their own chrome extensions. It is basically a plug in which you need to install on your chrome browser. Adding a chrome extension to your browser would help you getting best deals online.

What they do? How they help you to save more?

After installing Chrome Extension, you will get all major notifications including price drop alerts, heavy discounts, new launches and more. Having this tool you don’t need to go to anywhere on the internet. All major announcements or offers by online stores will automatically appear on your screen whether you are shopping or not.

Moreover, these chrome extensions suggest you related coupons and offers or announcements according to your browser history. Ditto as we see with Google Ads. For instance, you were looking for a watch on Amazon two days back and you have a chrome extension of any price comparison site, then you will get a notification pop up if there is any sort of discount or offer on the product you surfed. This is one of the most easiest and optimum ways to get all best online offers with minimal efforts.

Emails and periodic Newsletters

These are the most traditional tools employed to get discount vouchers. Registering to a periodic newsletter of any online shopping portal gives you regular updates about their new offers and releases. For example, registering to Amazon’s newsletter helped me to get Oneplus One invite quickly. Emails and Newsletters inform you about the best and exclusive offers of a shopping portal.

Social Networking Sites

This is another helpful tool, I must say. Most of the population in India, especially youth, has submerged in social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Online sellers adopt social networking sites as a major tool for their promotions and popular releases. Xiaomi is one example. Xiaomi has announced their major events and offers via social networking sites. Recent price drop information on Mi4i smartphone was first revealed on Facebook.


Just like chrome extensions, Apps are another best and convenient tool for online shopping. Myntra and Flipkart are offering great deals on their Apps only. With the rapid increase in the smartphone consumption in India, more and more online stores are foraying into Apps based services. Downloading or installing seller’s App gives you prompt and quick notifications. Big Billion Day, one the most popular online shopping deal offers, was initiated on App only. Install your favorite App now & save more.

If you apply all these shopping tools before buying anything online, then the chances of getting the product at cheaper price would multiply. Online shopping is undoubtedly a smart way of buying products/ services. And applying or using online shopping tools makes it a lot economical and smarter. Happy Online Shopping!

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