Why NFC Could Become The Real Deal


This article looks NFC ( near field communication) and its take over all over the world. In this article it is explained that, apple and Boloro are the ones to give NFC a boost in 2015 and by 2020 it will be a NFC world.

Different surveys were studied to complete the article and a mix view of NFC has been jorted in this article. Backing up the status a commoners report is also discussed in this article where he stated at the moment NFC is not the real deal backing up the statistics, stating that 2020 will be the year for NFC.


In 2011 it was rumored that Apple engineers are leaning to the new technology the NFC (Near field Communication) and wanting to pack their new product iPhone 5 with the NFC technology with extra added features like big screen and better camera quality.

NFC is basically a short range wireless communications, which are now being used in mobile phones for a bundle of applications that also includes mobile payments.

Mac Rumors were the one who stated that apple iphone 5 will be include with NFC technology, they also said MasterCard will also be partnering with them – Later confirmed by MasterCard’s Ed McLaughlin.

Let’s talk about 2015; it seems really rare that any smart phone will be without NFC technology, but statistically it seems that in West countries growth is very slow, until 2018 where only 64% of the phones will have the NFC chip. Although, apple pay and Boloro introducing this technology in their phones has boosted the technology, and there has been great improvement but still the West lacks behind. Unlike in Asian countries like China, Japan and Singapore where NFC is the REAL DEAL and is essential of their payment systems.

Another fact that has come to light is that, since Apple pay and Boloro has inducted NFC technology. Today around 2 million merchant locations accepts the contact less payments – Stated by Master Card. Yet only 20% of these terminals can handle contact less payment by NFC – reported by The Nilson Report – http://nfc-forum.org/

-Report by Edvarg Cervatis – published in the official NFC forum on 28th July 2015; stated that NFC is at the moment not the real deal Apple pay and Boloro has given this technology a lift but calling it a REAL DEAL in 2020 will be appropriate. He also said that, “I have about 10 programmed tags of NFC all around my house, but have not used them in last two years; to me NFC is just a fleeting novelty I found no true convenience with”. Further in his comments he mentioned that using tags is convenient but it is really hectic to setup everything for it – “The NFC is no real deal to me at least for now, but will really want to see it being adapted by everyone in the world”. As the stats say future is here 2020 will be the year of NFC.

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