List of Top 5 Drones Under $50


You might as well want to read the caption twice. Drones under $100 dollars are indeed a great deal. Here is to the list where you can find drones as low as 27 dollars and as high as 53 dollars. Don’t miss out on these!

Cheerson CX-10C: 0.3MP camera, $27.99
This one is quite a familiar drone and many might know about this well off before this. This is the kind which can indeed be affordable by almost everyone and everywhere. It is the smallest of quadcopters available commercially.


An upgrade as was made available for the Cheerson CX 10 with a CX 10C, where the cdenoted the camera availability. The camera manages to take decent videos and at a price of just almost 25.8 dollars, the quadcopter is indeed a cheap drone for sale.

Syma X5C / X5SC: 2MP camera, $47
Syma quadcopter drones are for the beginners to start off with a safe flight. The X5C and its successor, the X5SC have well served the idea of a budget drone with camera and has managed to make the prices go even lower with high competition in the market.

Including shipping charges, something as amazing and worthy as the Syma X5SC for a mere $47 is a great buy. This is a good buy for those who are still on the experiment mode and are trying to get their hands set on drones.

DM007 NightHawk: 2MP camera, $35
The DM007 NightHawk drone was introduced in the market to everyone’s surprise. The DM007 came into the market at a price of just 50 dollars where all the other drones sold for nothing less than at least 70 dollars.

The DM007 has been on sale for quite a while now and it is now more affordable than it was earlier. From the previous model with a 0.3 MP camera to the current 32MP camera, the DM007 drone is available at just 35 dollars all over.

Kai Deng K60 X-Fighter: 2MP camera, $53
As fancy as the its name is, the Kai Deng K60 X-Fighter quadcopter drone is an event better flier. A 2MP camera makes entire filming experience all the more adventurous.

The LEDs as well as the entire design lets you fly it with a greater ease in comparison to all the others on list over here. It isn’t just a cool machine in looks, but it works equally well.

At a mere price of $53, the Kai Deng K60 X-Fighter camera can again be a great second buy for you.

Syma X11C: 2MP camera, $35
Here is another from the Syma! The X11C is actually nothing but an updated version where there is a provision for camera. This one can be a great first buy for all the users even if you haven’t ever used one. The Syma X11C is a great choice for not only beginners but also intermediates. The guards, its decent price as well as the easy to use size, all make the Drone a great buy!

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