LG G5 Specs, 4k Display and True 8 Cores


Flagship smartphone are sort of going insane – that’s the correct word to put it the perfect way.

The way smartphone configurations are going off the boundary, pretty soon these handheld devices are going to outrun the typical computers in every aspect.

As mentioned on the Apple September 2015 event keynote, their iPad Pro is already faster than 80% of the computers existing in today’s market.


Not just Apple, but every other manufacturer are on the same fury road. LG is an Android smartphone manufacturer company, and the flagship for 2015 LG G5 is going to be a surprise as many web leaks have said.

4K Display?
With Sony Z5 Premium’s release, 4K display on a smartphone is no longer a surprise. Sony has shown that having a 2160p display on a smartphone platform doesn’t necessarily have to be an imagination – it’s a reality. Power management with a 4k display on board has always been a concern, but if Sony can manage it pretty well, why not LG?

The display is more likely going to 5.2 inches in dimension. Since LG G series smartphones don’t sport front facing hardware buttons, the extra 0.2 inches may be kept for the placement of software buttons without losing any space on the display. The pixel density in such case would be above 800 ppi, as seen on the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium.

How logical is it to put a 4k display on such smaller screen? To most people, it’s basically pointless because human eyes can’t really differentiate the individual pixels above 300 ppi anyways. For better clarity, up to 500 ppi is fine, but 800+ is quite insane.

Still, if the battery gets to supply enough juice even with a display this sharp on board and the GPU doesn’t get heated up to deliver the extra edge – there isn’t any reason to not welcome an upgraded 4k display on the upcoming LG G5.

True Octa Core
The next LG G5 flagship may ship with a CPU that’s True Octa Core – a terminology used to describe fully independent CPU cores that work without interrupting the cores’ works, resulting in blazing fast processing power.

All the apps that run on a smartphone would get their own share of CPU frequency without sharing, making the apps individually faster than anticipated. Snapdragon is the manufacturer we are looking forward to for making the CPU on LG G5, unless there’s any surprise otherwise.

64 bit isn’t a new technology on smartphones any more – the LG G5 is certainly getting it, with desktop class architecture to make the output stable and consistent.

Rumored Release Date
The release may not be happening soon. 2015’s LG flagship, the LG G4 was released on April 2015 and the next one is not even going to be shown on events before April 2016. Mobile World Congress 2016 may be the ground where LG would take the curtains off this handset, and later on an availability date would be announced for mass market sales. Same time Samsung will release galaxy s7.

Last quarter of 2015 is already in the now; as we move more forward towards 2016 April, we expect more information on the LG G5 to become public.

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