Apps To Help You Keep Track of Your Spending

Keep Track of Your Spending

These are times of mobile-wallets and e-money. Even plastic money has become a thing of past, let along the actual cash. People like to shop for food, clothing, furniture, appliances, automobiles and even houses online. And in doing so, more often than not, people lose track of their expenses! Here are some apps, which can help you keep a track of your online as well as offline spending on real time basis; thereby saving you a lot of money.

For iPhone Users To Keep Track of Spending

DailyCost: Clearly the most effective and user friendly app available on iOS, DailyCost is available at a nominal cost of $1.99 or INR 123. This app has an efficient interface that allows the user to enter various expense categories and update day-on-day transactions with ease.

Expenditure: Priced at $2.99 or INR 184 this is yet another excellent app for personal expense tracking and management. It has a unique paper-receipt interface and its home-screen displays remaining funds. The app allows sorting of your spending data on the basis of most expensive categories, weeks and months.

Home Budget: At $4.99 or INR 307, this is perhaps a costlier expense managing app, but offers a comprehensive solution to tracking not only personal expenses but also expenses of your household. It has a colorful interface, facilitating view and sorting. There are no subscription fees attached.

For Android Users To Keep Track of Spending

Moneywise: This app may not have a very slick interface, but what it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in efficiency. Using Moneywise, you can update your daily expenses and thereby use the app to project future finances for better planning a well. Its basic version is freely available on Play store; however the pro version does cost $6.98 or INR 430.

Financisto: This is a brilliant app if you are habitual to using your credit cards, debit cards, Paypal account, mobile money and cash for making various transactions in a month. This free app can manage your expenses account wise and even allows inter-account transfers.

AndroMoney Expense Track Money: This free app is simple in its design and exceptional in accessibility. AndroMoney app can be accessed from any Android enabled device be it your smart phone, laptop or tab using Google Docs. While its basic version is free, its Pro version is available for $2.99 or INR 184.

CWMoney: Now while most expense management apps allow users to input their daily transactions manually; CWMoney also has a unique in-built voice recognition feature which makes the process of recording transactions very fast and easy. Its basics version is free and Pro version is available at $4.99 or INR 307.

One of the major reasons why people fail to save is because they don’t even realize where exactly they spend. There are many more apps like these, available for Android as well as iOS platform, to help users align their finances and avoid unwanted chaos. Knowing where your money is going can help you prioritize and track your spending efficiently.

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