How To Keep Your Blog Posts Coming on a Regular Basis


Becoming a blogger may sound like an easy quest, until you start your first blog.

Every writer knows that keeping the posts coming can become strenuous. Perhaps your schedule is jammed with a ton of other tasks, which makes it hard to find time to write.

Perhaps when you have the time to blog, all ideas just seem to escape from you. More often than not, new bloggers gave up on their quest early, just because they cannot keep the blog up to date.


What about professional bloggers? Will it become easier when you are doing it full-time?

Here is a fun fact about bloggers: More than half of the bloggers have more than one blog. An average professional blogger even runs four blogs at the same time. Then there are social media and guest posts. The workload just piles up and it gets more challenging to come up with new ideas.

So how can bloggers find ideas for their blog posts and keep new posts coming? If you are looking for new ideas, consider a few tips below:

Keep an idea log with you 24/7

While you may set aside a certain time during the day for blogging, new idea may pop up in your head at any hour. Therefore, keep a notepad around, or better yet, keep a quick note in your smart phone. This way, when you are ready to write, you can always refer to the list of brilliant ideas that you already have.

Find inspiration through reading

Often, good writers are also the most avid readers. Reading can help us improve our writing styles, and also generate new ideas. Perhaps follow related blogs for ideas in your niche. You don’t have to (and should not) plagiarize.

However, perhaps you may disagree with someone else’s article, or perhaps you have something to add to it. Commenting or responding to other blog is also a great way to create content and build conversation in the blogging world.

Dig deep into your niche

A good way to find out new ideas within your niche is to think of it as a book. A book will generally start with a general overview of the topic, then break it down into smaller chapters, and then to even smaller discussions within the chapters.

When building your blog, define your general niche and then break it down to as many topics as possible. Then within each topic, try to break it down even further into different ideas for the articles. Think of every question your readers may have and answer them all.

Open your reach

It’s good to stay focus on your niche, but you do not have to limit yourself there. Perhaps think of relevant topics that can be of value to your reader.

For example, a diet blog may go beyond weight loss topic and also provide articles about healthy lifestyle, organic food, or eco-friendly product. Just think of your readers as one specific person, instead of an unidentified mass.

That person will have a wide array of related interests and hobbies. Your blog will be successful if you can cover more than one of those interests.

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