How To Make Jio Video Call In Non-VoLTE Smartphone

Jio Video Call In Non-VoLTE Smartphone

Now Everywhere Reliance jio. Trending in India. Reliance Jio with its attractive offers and smart 4g network gained millions of users over time. Even the competitor companies have been advertising to join their network from reliance jio. Last day, one competitor advertised that welcome the reliance jio users to their network for the attractive offers. So we can assume that how reliance jio make the impact in india. Here in this post, I am going to guide to make jio video call in 2G/3G Enabled smartphone that are Non-VoLTE(Voice Over Long Term Evolution)

Reliance recommends or allows jio video call with 4g smartphone with their network. So many users do not have 4g enabled smartphone for making video call. We can make video call using jio 4g voice android application developed by reliance jio. But if you have no 4g smartphone, then you can make jio video call using jio 4g voice application with the jiofi wifi modem.

Requirement For Making Jio Video Call On Non-VoLTE Enabled smartphone.
No worry you need to upgrade to 4g smartphone from 2g or 3g smartphone in order to make jio vidoe call. You just need an android app by reliance jio and a wifi modem called jiofi. If you have jio sim with you, then you need only jiofi device to make it functional. For Making jio video call you need,

  • jio4GVoice app Installed
  • Jiofi wifi router

That’s enough so you can make jio video call. You can make unlimited jio voice call using jio 4g voice over the network for free or normal voice call. The only thing you need to turn the voice call to video call using jio 4g voice and jio 4g network is made the call through jio 4g voice application. For this after you have selected the contact or dialled the number from dial pad, call using jio4GVoice when you tap on call button. And when the call starts , you can simply convert it to video call just tap on the video camera icon that appears on the interface of the jio 4g voice app. And the receiver using the same jio 4g voice, you can simply make and enjoy the video call.

Advantage and Features Of Jio Video Call With Jio4GVoice
There are many advantages of jio video call using jio 4g voice app.

  • Jio Uses its powerful 4g network to make jio video call using the app jio 4g voice
  • Because of jio 4g network, there is no any noise or delay while making video and voice call
  • Rich Call Service features allows the users to get the high definition voice and video call experience.
  • Not only to jio numbers but can make call to any other network.
  • Make Conference call using jio 4g voice application. Connect more users and make conference call.
  • Enhance your voice calls with an image, a location or a message through the Rich Call feature of RCS.
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Download and install the jio 4g voice app for making jio video and voice call. There are many other apps are available by jio like jio tv, my jio app, jio chat etc to make more and more fun with the jio. Really jio gives the digital life to their customers make them more love to reliance jio.

How To Make Jio Video Call With Non-VoLTE Smartphone.
As already mentioned above, you can make high definition video call with your 2G / Non-VoLTE smartphone. But you have to use the jiofi wifi modem by reliance jio for making video call. With the help of jiofi router, you will get the 4g speed network so there is no any issue while making the video call. You have to download and install the jio4gvoice app in your Non-VoLTE smartphone. But too old android versions like Gingerbread does not supports the jio4gvoice app. so the app can be installed on the version after gingerbread.

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  • One you have downloaded and installed the jio 4g voice app on your Non-VoLTE smartphone, connect to the jiofi wifi network with jiofi router.
  • Now open the dialpad of your smartphone.
  • dial the contact number or chose the contact from the contact list.
  • Tap the call button, and make call through jio 4g voice app
  • when call forwarded, the tap on the video camer icon shown in the interface of the jio 4g voice app.
  • The call converted to the video call and can enjoy the video call.
  • You can make it a conference call by again selecting the contact that you wanted to join the call.

Now enjoy jio voice call using jio 4g voice the high definition video and voice chat with your 2G/3G Non-VoLTE smartphone.

Image Credit: NDTV Gadgets

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