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It was first Orkut, then FaceBook, now its twitter. Twitter is the world’s foremost social networking site. It is a site that is more lightweight than Facebook and more precise. It is an on-the-go site that is fairly simple to use.

Used by stars and celebrities it has gained popularity all through the world for instant updates. The iPhone is definitely not late in catching the twitter-fever. Thus the twitter application on iPhone was born thanks to the hard work by iPhone developers.


The twitter application is integrated in iOS5 and is an extension of the twitter website, in the form of an iPhone application. Each update put up on the website is called a ‘tweet’. A tweet is understood both as a noun as well as a verb. Somebody always tweets a tweet. Since twitter is incorporated into the operating system of the mobile, it can be invoked from a list of other applications namely safari or YouTube or maps.

Setting Up

In iPhone, a twitter account is set up in the settings section, just like how email accounts are setup. We can set up any number of twitter accounts. The important feature here is that we can store the twitter usernames of our friends, right in their contacts, just like their mobile numbers. This ensures a one-time login and a one-time storage of names. If you have a 3Gs then you can find the twitter application in the Apple AppStore which you can download and install.

Photo Tweets

Thanks to the iPhone development teams gone are those days, when you have to take your digital camera and your laptop on the go. Here, with this single application on your iPhone, you can make your travel luggage light as well as keep everyone updated about your life. And these updates can contain a photo of the moment that you want to share with your friends. It is a single one step process to tweeting. Take the required photo and touch the screen. There will be a drop up menu with the option tweet. It is as simple and easy as that.

Across Other Applications

This application is one of its kinds in the history of iPhone applications. Though there is a separate icon for twitter, it can also be invoked from other applications. For example: if we are browsing through the internet on safari and we like the link that we are accessing. We want to tweet it.

So what we must do is just click on the tweet option. The link along with our comments (if any) will be posted to the website. The other applications, from where we can tweet, are YouTube and Maps. From YouTube, we can tweet the video that we may have just uploaded. And from Maps we could tweet the location we are in or any distinct location that we want to tweet about.

All-In-One Application

Hence, an iPhone incorporated with this application, is a digital camera, a laptop and a GPS, all rolled into one and this is due to the pains taken by the iPhone development teams to give us the best.

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