iOS 11 Release Date, News, Features, Updates & Rumours

iOS 11 Release Date

The mobile operating system developed by Apple has taken the technology world by storm ever since its inception and the users are extremely satisfied with the features provided by it. iOS was launched in the year 2007 for iPhone and was later made available for other Apple devices such as iPad and iPod touch.

The App Store contains numerous iOS apps and all of them are downloaded several times by the users. Nevertheless, the iOS 10 which was launched on September 13, 2016 was highly well received by the users due to the inclusion of innovative features in the operating system as well as the advancements in the technologies.

iOS 11 Release Date

The upgrade in iMessage, Photos, Siri and 3D Touch of the devices, the iOS 10 came as an extremely overwhelming platform for rejuvenating the system of one’s Apple device. Therefore, the upcoming iOS 11 is expected to be more powerful than its predecessors. Reports have highlighted that iOS 11 might be made available to the users in September 2017 but nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Therefore, the tech fanatics just can’t wait for the upcoming operating system by Apple to hit the markets.

Some reports have also stated that the iOS 11 might be launched along with the iPhone 8 and there might be a possibility as quite a few reports have stated about the same. But let’s not jump to a conclusion until and unless the tech giants from Apple give an official statement on it. And as far as the features of the upcoming operating system by Apple are concerned, it is said that the iOS 11 might come up with a great Siri upgrade. This upgrade was there in iOS 10 as well and this time also Apple can mull over the thought of upgrading Siri.

The Apple Pay which was first launched for iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the iPhone SE is expected to be more secure this time by downloading the iOS 11. Users obviously want feel safe while purchasing something through their debit or credit cards so this upgrade is quite legit.

Fans are also expecting to come up with the Virtual Reality facility on the upcoming iOS 11 as the feature is quite trending as well as advanced these days. Therefore, this additional feature might have all the possibilities to make iOS 11 extremely intriguing. However, Reports have also stated that Apple might think of customizing the Control Center as well by making it more user friendly and convenient for the users to access through it. Therefore, the tech fanatics are hoping that Apple come up with this upgrade.

Nevertheless, the speculations which are doing the rounds right now regarding the upcoming iOS 11 has made the users more curious regarding the launch of the device.

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