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Everyone is expecting that the design of the new IOS10 will be much different than that of all other operating systems released by smart-phone giant. We have seen a quite stunning design in IOS 8 releases, so we are expecting another top design, look and feel from apple. We can expect widgets on the home screen of apple IOS 10.

Better response from Siri
According to apple Siri will be 50 percent more accurate in terms of speech recognition and will respond a much faster than it does currently. Siri is undoubtedly one of the most awesome smart-phone assistant till date. Another great feature of Siri will be its automated telephone directory, as it will tell you the person’s name if you get a call from an unknown number.

New and cool default apps
You can expect some really cool and feature rich applications bundled with IOS10. This will definitely lead to increased sensitivity and security while using iPay and other security sensitive features.

Multiple user accounts
This is one of the most wished features in apple devices. Combined with multiple user accounts you can now have multiple user accounts with parental control, but only if this rumor goes true. Current IOS is having that but you have to turn it on and of manually once your child finished his bit of task or whatever he was at. This will be really one of the greatest features that could be added to any OS. We hope ipad air 3 will use this feature.

Better navigation with upgraded map
Navigate easily using public transport now, as we are expecting a really great mapping this time with an increased overall performance during live navigation. We all know that Google map is the most advanced navigational mapping till date, but with the next upgrade; apple is trying to cope up with the Map service provided by Google. You could expect Siri support in apple maps, by saying this we mean that you can talk to your phone for real time directions while navigating.

Ability to hide the un-installable apps
Apple or any other company that develop smartphones doesn’t want you to uninstall the stock applications. But by upgrading to IOS 10 you can hide them. This will be a great feature if apple provides us the ability to hide these kind of applications.

Almost impossible to jailbreak
Apple doesn’t want you to jail break its devices, but jail breaking gives us a lot of features as it gives us the root privilege to our device. But on its next upgrade as IOS 10 its working hard to stop jail breaking. So it’s almost impossible to jailbreak iOS 10, but not impossible at all.

Apple is still working hard to provide a best ever operating system, which might prove to be the biggest hit of all the time. So stating anything more than this about the topic will just be a wild guess. We can just only wait and watch till Apple rolls out its IOS 10. What we could guarantee is that it will be the best of technology.

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