Microsoft ASP.NET 5: Important Facts of vNext

Important facts of vNext

Here we got few interesting vNext facts that every programmer and even hired developers should know. Let’s catch up them all:

Combined application models contains Web API, MVC, SignalR and Web pages into one framework, this collectively known as MVC 6. In MVC 6, there are views, controllers, and models and it no longer requires System.web.

Reasons to know about it
Officials have just signaled the future of web application development. It’s time to explore it.

Two CLR versions
The two .net framework versions are there for you- the regular .net version and the new CoreCLR version. CoreCLR is sometimes reffered to as the Full or Desktop CLR. Developers can install multiple versions of CoreCLR on the same machine. It’s a cut-down version and is intended and optimized for high throughput with low memory.

Reasons to know about it apps designed for vNext will benefit from targeting the CoreCLR. This will let the developer to perform cross-platform deployment, easier deployment models, and minimum issues from conflicts of the version.

Latest compiler
vNext has a new compiler named as Roslyn. It’s a managed compiler written in its C# language. It is fast and offers true ‘edit and run’ capabilities to the developers. It is Opensource and hosted on Github.

Reasons to know about it
With a changing deployment method, developers will be able to transform the way apps are developed and deployed.

One simple project type projects are transformed to one simple project type. There is no Web app project or web site project. Moreover, developers don’t even require a .vbproj or .csproj file for a web project. In new vNext, the project is directory based and the key file is known as project.json. It doesn’t have a list of files and only list the dependencies of the project.

Reasons to know about it
You have never required Visual Studio in order to compile and run a project, still it was a task. With the help of vNext, any decent text editor can be an editor.

Is your .net developers team knows all these facts? Make sure they do because keep updating the technology and skills is what every programmer and developer needed. Share your thoughts about this post and let us know what you think about the subject.

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