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How Gaming Industry is Using Social Media for Branding

In the old days, video gaming used to be a social activity, as young people gathered in arcades to play video games and spend time together.

After gaming consoles were invented, it became much less social, and instead became something that people do alone in their homes in front of their TVs. Still, that does not mean that gamers are not social.

Over the last couple of years the whole gaming industry started to move its focus towards social media, and popular gaming brands are investing time and money to be present in social media so that they can engage with gamers.


The introduction of social media into gaming industry added business opportunities, and a chance for gamers to brag about their achievements or express their frustrations.

Also, the integration of smartphones with games such as Angry Birds, created conditions for a smooth transition to this format. People have become so accustomed to social media, that they find it completely natural that social media appears on their favorite games.

The Stereotipe about Gamers Is no more
Gamers used to be described as young man who spend their time playing video games at home, all alone in the dark. The only way they get information about games is via a printed monthly magazine. And they enjoy playing games with friends, but only if those friends are in the same room with them and the number was limited to four.

This simply is not the case,as nowadays, a gamer is just as likely to be a female as to be a male. The number of players in a game is not limited, and they do not have to be physically present in a room. In fact, they do not have to be still, for they can at the same time walk and play a game on their smartphone.

Social Media and Marketing
Outside of playing games, the majority of people, regardless of gender and age, spend a lot of time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That is exactly where marketers need to look for information. Besides social media more places where information can be gathered are video sharing sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo.

So, it is much more effective to use social media, where people share their scores and achievements, instead of the old fashioned TV and newspaper ads. For example, people from Poptropica have realized the good influence of social media marketing on their game so they started to increase their engagement in social media.

If you consider how social media connects the video games industry with it its customer, and the fact that the competition, which is fierce, is using this strategy, every gaming company should implement this into their overall marketing game.

Big Brands Are Aware of This
Big brands, such as Sony, for example, have realized how successful social games can be. So, their newest gaming console PlayStation4 includes a “share“ button right on the controller. This means that gamers can brag or complain to their friends about any game they are playing, and also share screenshots and videos.

There is also a form of free marketing, as skilled gamers stream their gameplay on Twitch videos or post them on YouTube. You probably think that it is quite boring to watch someone else play a video game, but actually, these videos are pretty popular. Therefore, every time someone posts a video of them playing an exciting game on PS4, they are doing the company a favour by increasing its profit.

Social Media Platforms Are the Future of Video Games Marketing

Considering that almost everybody is using social media platforms these days, and the fact that this type of marketing is very cheap, it is only logical that this is the future of the gaming industry.

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