How To Create A Strong Brand


As an entrepreneur you are, in a very competitive environment, it is essential to build a strong brand to represent you and differentiate from the competition. To achieve this there are some aspects to analyze and look over carefully.


Understand your own brand
Your brand is your business name, logo, messages transmitted, reputation, employees, customers and especially the experience it provides to users. Plan and analyze everything that you have and want to offer.

Define your brand
This is actually a lot easier to do than it sounds – you just have to think like a customer. How do you want your customer’s experience to be when interacting with your brand, your employees, and the service you offer? What should they experience when they come to your store or your website? What define these questions describes the connections that users and customers have with you and your brand. Write it in a simple and consistent way and share it with your employees and make sure it is visible enough so that each worker can see these questions and answers and remember them.

Brand values
When your customers buy your products, they form the basis of ‘brand values’ of your company. However, the values ​​of the brand must constantly evolve to adapt to changing market conditions and should also reflect your future business strategy. Once the values are established, it is important to ensure that the customer experience reflects these values ​​in all aspects of your business. This means adapting all elements of the marketing mix to project the brand values ​​- from staff, the products and advertising messages to the way you handle complaints. Building a respected brand can take a lot of hard work and you need the commitment of your employees and stakeholders to make it happen.

Link the work of employees to your brand
The best way for your employees to engage with the brand and the support is to recognize those values ​​in their own daily responsibilities. Define how each of their actions contributes to the user experience, whether it is organizing the tables, extra sales closing or preparing a room. Highlight how much you appreciate their contributions and how they can only improve this positive customer experience.

Recognize and reward the best employees
Every week or every month, highlight the employee who has consistently supported the improvement of the user experience. Publicly acknowledge and reward his/her effort and work. You could also include a nice comment from a client or another partner. This type of motivation for employees helps build a strong brand that they themselves want to join in and become an absolute part of.

Send a clear and simple message
The same way your overall brand look has to be clear and manageable, the message you send to the users should be too. Try not to stun the consumers, because persuasion stems from a clear message that reaches the consumer directly, without any ‘frills’.

Work on your marketing
The marketing world is rapidly changing, and to get into it fully you have to work on certain ideas and improve them in order to always be on the top. The user experience is key to creating image brand and achieving digital success. Customers are key to the success of your business and you must take care of providing the means necessary in order for them to continue consuming your products and spreading good word about your business through the network.

Gain a good online reputation
The interface and experience are key factors – users connect with brands increasingly through digital means. To maintain a strong brand identity, it is vital to take care of the details related to the virtual aspect of your company or brand, offering the user-friendly interface and nice looking website to provide customers with a good virtual experience.

In short, a brand is much more than a design; it is a set of values ​​consistent with the strategy and implemented around a respectful communication plan and marketing in order to achieve the corporate identity of the business.

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