How To Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog


Alexa Rank is very important metric to judge any website and it gives about the traffic any website receives.

Thus it becomes very necessary for any blogger to rank well in Alexa to reflect its site as popular and authoritative one.

There are many guides prevailing in the net regarding ways to improve alexa rank and boost your alexa rankings but many of them contain some myths which I will remove here.


This tutorial is based on my experience here I will reveal my secrets regarding How to increase Alexa Rank.

Myths about How To improve Alexa Rank

  • In many tutorials it is listed that you need to install Alexa widget in your blog/website to increase your alexa rank but it is totally baseless. It won’t help in any ways as I removed alexa widget long back ago and still after that my alexa rank increased quickly.
  • Another myth is if you will write a review about alexa and link back to Alexa’s website then it will boost your alexa rank but it is also pointless and will never help to increase rank, so don’t take the pain just for the sake of increasing alexa rank. Yeah you can write for getting genuine traffic.
  • It is said that if you will claim your site in alexa then it will increase your rank but thats also not true. Even Alexa cleared in their blog that it is totally a myth.
  • Many think that simply increasing reviews in alexa about your site will boost up your alexa rank but that’s also not true.

Let’s Know The Genuine Ways to Increase Alexa Rank

1) Great Content

It is truly said that content is king. Thus you need to write genuine and unique content which can easily go viral and drive immense traffic as alexa is simple a traffic metric. Thus always write great content to drive more traffic.

2) Get traffic from Alexa toolbar users

Alexa depends on their toolbar to count your traffic so try to get as much as traffic you can from alexa toolbar users. Now question is how will you get that? It’s simple. Write more about Blogging, SEO, wordpress tips as bloggers needs such content and they already have alexa installed in their computer so you will get benefit from them. Also don’t worry if your niche is different because alexa does not depend only on its toolbar. They have large reach on audience so chill. But if you can write on above or similar to above niche then it will have quick effect on your rank. You can see at sidebar, that I have already added Alexa widget on Dharak Infotech.

3) High Authority Backlinks

Apart from traffic , it also consider backlinks highly as authority websites will get high alexa rank. Thus build high authority backlinks for your blog to increase authority of your blog. It will also rank your blog posts higher in google search positions. Thus that way also you will get immense traffic. There are many ways to get good backlinks like Blog commenting, guest posting etc.

In my experiment, I saw many other sites getting more traffic than me but they were ranking below me because I am having more high authority backlinks and authority thus this observation convinced me that not only traffic but authority and backlinks too play a vital role in increasing and maintaining alexa rank. Thus Backlinks proves to be a great weapon in improving alexa rank.

4) Social Media Promotion

Though social signals don’t have direct effect on alexa rank but it can drive genuine traffic which will benefit to your alexa rank. Apart from traffic, social signals also increase and improves your site authority thus it boosts your alexa rank in two ways 1- By increasing quality traffic and 2- Increase Domain Authority.

5) Update your Blog regularly

Posting frequency also plays a role in alexa rank . If you will update your blog regularly then you will see notable change in your rank thus it is highly recommended to keep posting frequency and constant and update regularly.

6) Last but Quickest way

Yes, first install alexa toolbar in your computer and daily open your website as much as you can. I have seen many multi authored blogs to rank well because every author opens that blog multiple times thus it gets enough alexa traffic.

I hope you got the right path to increase your alexa rank in fast way but remember one thing always that there is no alternative to traffic to improve alexa rank so always focus on your traffic and increase as much as you can.

Parth Patel: Web developer, Tech Blogger and SEO guy. He is currently providing Web development services in Canada as well as worldwide online.

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