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wordpress feedback

Whether you are running a bricks-and-mortar business or an e-commerce store, getting direct feedback from the users can be extremely valuable.

While a standard feedback form is an easy way to incorporate feedback feature on your website, a dedicated feedback WordPress plugin can help you to be more specific and user-oriented when gathering user feedback.

wordpress feedback

Allowing your users to give more specific feedback and answer particular questions, makes it convenient for you to deal with each feedback easily and use it to the fullest for your website.

Why Take Feedback?

Earlier, business owners used to conduct various surveys and audits to know what their customers and users think about their new products. Keeping in mind the technological aspect of running a business today, there is nothing that has changed except for the strategies and approach. Today also business owners need to know their customer reviews on their new product launch and services offered to improve and provide better products.

Best Plugging to Use for your WordPress Website:

Today, in this article, we are going to share the best feedback WordPress plugins to help you integrating feedback feature in your website. Some of the plugins we are sharing today add only a simple form type thing on your site while others allow better and in-depth feedback functionalities and enable your users to apparently share their reviews about your website.

Let’s explore these Plugins:

#1. Total Feedback

Total Feedback is a premium WordPress plugin which is available in various packages starting from $29.99. However, it does offer a 14-day trial so that you can get familiar with all the features it has to offer. The plugin features a pop-up chat-style window where the users can add their details and comments. The window is usually present in the bottom corner of the web page.

Total Feedback can also be used to add surveys and polls which enable webmasters to get more specific feedback from the users.

#2. Creative Feedback Form With Voting System

Creative Feedback Form With Voting System is yet another premium plugin that offers a wide variety of options for categorizing your feedback. The plugin adds a very creative and aesthetically appealing form on your site which entices users to leave their remarks, suggestions, problems and more. It also comes with features where users can set their feedback as public or private. In-built captcha anti-spam protection is also added to keep your website free from any spam.

#3. Usernoise

Usernoise is by far the simplest feedback WordPress plugin that adds a minimalist form on your website. You need to add a feedback at the bottom or to the side of the website to make this plugin work. Once the users click on this button, a pop-up window will appear asking for their feedback, name, email or other few important details.

The form has a number of subforms including Ideas, Questions, Problem, and Praise. Usernoise also makes maintenance of this feedback easier as it notifies the admin whenever a new feedback is added to the website.

#4. Feedweb

When looking for the free solution instead, nothing beats Feedweb, a free and powerful plugin that allows you to add a simple yet feature-rich form. As a matter of fact, more than 3k sites have powered their websites with Feedweb and have given positive responses. Feedweb comes packed with many features including different language compatible (available in more than 10 popular languages, cool design, inbuilt voting system, posting feedback according to the topic and more.

#5. Ajax Post Feedback WordPress Plugin

Developed by Code canyon, a popular site, Ajax Post Feedback WordPress Plugin offers a powerful and cool design to help you collect users’ feedback. After gathering the feedback in a simple manner, this plugin also encourages your readers to share the post through various social media platforms.

Ajax Post Feedback plugin is a premium which means you need to pay $16 to get full access of the plugin.

The best part of Ajax Post Feedback is that it does not add any feedback form to your website instead it adds three beautiful, self-explanatory smileys on every post available on the site. Whenever a user clicks on the posts, it asks for the feedback, which can be given merely by clicking on any of the smileys.

#6. TrackDuck Visual Feedback with Screenshots

TrackDuck Visual Feedback with Screenshots, as the name suggests, allows your users to take screenshots on your website and share their reviews about it. TrackDuck is one of the best WordPress plugins developed to cover all your feedback needs.

The plugin comes with many features such as taking a snapshot of the area, adding comments and more. It also lets you automatically record technical details (like OS, Browser version, device etc.). In addition, it is super easy to use. Simply click on the area for which you want to provide feedback and a pop up would appear with a small form asking for your email and comments.

Just provide your email address and add the relevant comments. And that’s all! Simple, isn’t it?

You can manage and track the feedback, reviews and other options from TrackDuck interface, email or even through your business tools such client support solutions, CRM, PM etc. Best of all, TrackDuck is an open source which means it is available free of cost. Though an advanced version of this plugin is also available in various packages starting at $7 per month.

Wrapping up:

There is one important thing to keep in mind i.e. feed backs are crucial for a business but not for the users. Therefore, instead of aggressively pushing them into filling up the feedback forms, you can gently ask them about their opinions and work on them. The plugins mentioned in this post do exactly that.

We have shortlisted the top 6 plugins to help you make a wise decision for your online business and achieve great success.

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