How To Choose A Free VPN: 5 Must-Ask Questions


VPN is used to keep your anonymity because of security reasons. VPNs are used by people or firms to protect their data.

Technology has undoubtedly helped in so many different ways but it has also provided so many opportunities to malicious factors which use technology for their benefits by violating the cyber laws. VPN or Virtual Private Networks are used by different firms and organizations to protect the sensitive information about companies and firms. There are different VPNs available which can be used to keep your data secure from mishandling. Free VPNs have done a great deal of help but all of these networks are not secure and can also prove dangerous to your sensitive information. You should always ask these 5 questions from yourself prior to the use of free VPN.

What’s the business model of your VPN?
Some VPNs are running a successful business by providing free service at initial phases and then ask you to get premium services at costly rates. This tactic is being used to entice the customers. There are different VPNs in the market which are quite popular in persuading the customers to move to paid services and after that there are also chances of getting your privacy compromised. So, if you are attracted towards a free VPN, conduct a thorough research on it and make sure this VPN doesn’t ask for paid services in future.

Is this VPN safe for my PC?
Most of the VPNs run encrypted systems at the back end while you surf the internet but its not the case all the time and there are chances of importing virus to your files which affects the speed of your PC and your files can also be corrupted.

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Is free VPN better than paid VPN?
Usually all the VPNs provide the same services whether these are paid or free. They offer you ad blocking, free storage space, p2p and other features. Same features are available with paid VPN. There is not much different between a paid VPN and free VPN so, it’s better to save your money by using the free VPN.

Is your VPN free from storing your log in activity?
There are different VPNs which store your login information which can compromise your personal details. This kind of information can be read from the terms and conditions pages but sometimes these terms and conditions are so long that customers don’t read till the end and just accept whatever is being written. It is the tactic of VPN providers to get your personal information. Some free VPNs deletes your information as soon as you log out and you should always go for such VPNs.

Is my anonymity ensured?
There are different VPN providers which ask for contact details, such as, emails and phone numbers. These VPNs are most likely to compromise your privacy. So, prefer using those VPNs which don’t ask for personal details.

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before choosing a free VPN. If you want to make your personal information secure than always read the terms and conditions before accepting them.

This article has been written by Alina Amanda, an IT Officer, Developer and a writer at Custom Cheap Essay Online who is passionate to write articles on technology and latest inventions in technology world.

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