How To Shape Your Career as an iOS App Developer?

iOS Apps Developer

App development is a skill and not an easy one I just must say. So which one is easy and which one is more lucrative that has always been the sizzling talks of the town. The market share of Android apps is 3.4 million apps and that of the Apple store is 2.2 million apps.

The difference is wide and looking at the figures one must assume that Android developers have better career opportunities compared to that with IOS. Don’t jump to the conclusion on the go. Google Play Store manages to add 3389 apps per day, whereas Apple manages to add 1557 apps per day.

Not because of lack of demand and supply, but Apple have some stringent app submission guidelines to comply with. This makes iPhone app development sector more advanced and superior. Let’s explore how one can shape the career as an IOS app developer.

#1 Skilled can excel in this field
There are a plethora of IOS app developers just like the apps, but not all can make the most of out it. Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink, the situation of IOS app development is the same. Plenty of developers but not skilled enough to get hired. So, if you are adequately baken you can be easily taken. App development is a continuous process, it doesn’t end with deployment, maintenance continues even after. A skilled iPhone app developer is very well in the know what should be done with the app after how much time post app deployment. To excel in this field, indulging in the iPhone training is a pre-requisite.

#2 High remuneration scope
High skills deserve high remuneration and high remuneration is the dream of every single person earning. Career is always about high payroll, of course personal development and other opportunities matters, but at the end, money is all that matters. It is said that IOS professionals are paid 68% more than other job postings. Well, this trend is not a teeny weeny one, it’s a long-lasting one.

#3 Qualities IOS app developer is supposed to have
App development, of course, but, the role of iPhone app developer is much more diversified. Co-ordination, communication and complication management are non-negotiable elements for any developer. Co-ordination with the fellow teammates like designers and project managers, communication with the clients and precisely knowing their need and making changes and fixing bugs after app development are some of the things iPhone app developer should be a pro at for getting selected and being handsomely paid. Live project training is the best way a developer can build these qualities.

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#4 Duty of IOS app developer
Have sound knowledge and skills to develop smooth functioning and bug-free native as well as hybrid apps. Incorporate features that are new and needed by the users and the clients conjointly. Test the app precisely to pick out any bugs or other functionality issues. Indulge in the continuous hunt for new technologies and trends to stay ahead of the competition.

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5) What you need to learn

  • Objective C: This is the language in which IOS apps are built. It’s pre-requisite for any individual thinking to shape their career to have a profound knowledge of this language.
  • Interface builder: Interface builder is one of the popular tool developed by Apple that aids in creating attractive UI by using drag and drop.
  • Swift: The trending programming language for IOS app development which any developer should be fairly in the know of.
  • XCode: It is basically a development studio for building an Apple-based apps and programs. Downloading it is totally free and is a great help in becoming a pro-iPhone developer.

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